Serial digital interface (SDI) ICs

Optimize signal integrity, power and cable reach for standard definition to 8k and beyond

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Our SDI video interfaces portfolio offers industry-leading performance in signal integrity, power and cable reach extension to help simplify system design for broadcast, professional and commercial video applications. We offer pin-to-pin compatible devices to let you optimize the cost of your design while enabling an upgrade path from SD to 12G.

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SDI bidirectional I/Os

Enable configurable I/O ports as an adaptive 75-Ω SDI cable equalizer or a 75-Ω SDI cable driver.

SDI equalizers & cable drivers

Improve signal integrity with adaptive cable equalizers and low-power cable drivers with integrated reclockers.

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Crosspoint multiplexers

Achieve exceptional signal integrity and noise immunity over high-speed signal routing and switching.

Clocks for video timing

Generate and distribute precise clock signals to synchronize with multiple subsystems.

Ethernet retimers & PHYs

Extend reach and distribute high-speed video signals over IP.

HDMI® & DisplayPort™ devices

Get flexible and high-frequency signals for high-resolution video and images.

Featured serial digital interface (SDI) ICs

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Use our reference design selection tool to find designs that best match your application and parameters.

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Technical article
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With bidirectional I/O, support multiple input and output configurations, save on board space and plan for future designs with pin compatible ugrade paths.
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Three things to consider when upgrading to 4K Ultra HD 12G-SDI interfaces
Ultra high-definition displays are here. Explore how SDI tranport interface, media, and speed can support the bandwidth needed for 4K content.
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