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Overview of other interfaces

1394, aggregators, boundary-scan, CPRI, OBSAI, Fibre Channel, FPGA-Link, SCSI and more

We offer devices supporting additional interfaces including 1394, aggregators, boundary-scan, Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) and Open Base Station Architecture Initiative (OBSAI), Fibre Channel (FC), FPGA-Link, InfiniBand, PCI-to-CardBus, Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) and telecom to extend reach and simplify your design.


Condense many low-speed signals into one high-speed I2C or SPI bus.


Simplify system design and enable remote programming with our JTAG muxes and controllers.


Extend reach of CPRI and OBSAI optical links with our retimers and repeaters.


Support the 1394a and 1394b (Firewire) interfaces with our family of link layer controllers, physical layer (PHY) controllers and integrated solutions.

Fibre Channel

Extend signal reach in network storage applications with our low-power repeater solutions.


Minimize interface board trace count and EMI between FPGAs with a serializer-deserializer pair up to 3.125 Gbps that is suitable for backplanes, optical and copper applications.


Extend reach in high-performance computing applications with our low-latency retimers and repeaters.

PCI-to-CardBus controllers

Bridge communication between PCI and CardBus standards with our standalone and integrated solutions.


Connect serial or parallel data for bidirectional data communication on multipoint transmission lines with multichannel transceivers and terminators.

Telecom SerDes

Achieve high-speed bidirectional point-to-point data transmission with our family of multi-Gigabit transceivers supporting CPRI, OBSAI, and 10GbE protocols.


Achieve high performance over a wide temperature range with our highly-integrated 4-20mA industrial devices featuring extensive reliability and system-level space optimization.


Enable additional communication over the standard 4-20mA current loop with our physical layer modems featuring low-power operation, integration of supporting components and support for additional PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus™ protocols.