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Maximize I2C bus performance

Optimize I2C signals, increase system reliability and extend system functionality

Simplify your I2C bus and reduce communication errors with our robust portfolio of I2C buffered translators, I/O expanders and switches. These devices are available in wide voltage ranges and small industry standard packages for ease of implementation in a variety of applications. 

Level shifters, buffers & hubs

Solve voltage level mismatches and prevent heavy bus capacitance loading

General-purpose I/O (GPIO) expanders

Increase system I/Os , expand microcontroller I/O capability, enable I2C-based key pad scanners and LED driver designs

I2C switches & multiplexers

Eliminate address bus conflicts and save system power

Isolated I2C

Extend industrial isolation lifetime with low-power, bidirectional I2C isolators.

Simplify your I2C bus implementation with our I2C Designer tool

  • Automatically generate an I2C tree based on master and slave inputs
  • Find solutions to resolve addressing, voltage level & frequency conflicts
  • Easily calculate estimates of bus capacitance and pull-up resistance values

Featured I2C products


Hot swappable I2C bus and SMBus buffer


2-bit bidirectional I2C bus and SMBus voltage-level shifter


16-Bit I2C and SMBus I/O expander with interrupt output and configuration registers


Low-voltage 8-channel I2C switch with reset

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