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Overview for ARM Cortex-A15 Core

The ARM Cortex-A15 processor is the latest highly-optimized, performance processor by ARM. It is intended for use in process-intensive applications where speeds of up to 1.4 GHz are required, and is an ideal fit for a range of applications including avionics, industrial routers and switches, and software defined radio (SDR). The Cortex-A15 processor delivers more performance, features and real-time responsiveness than any other processor in its class, is suited for embedded applications and provides a balance of power, cost and performance, especially when combined with multicore DSPs.

TI's ARM Portfolio Overview

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TI's ARM Cortex-A15 Advantage

With performance and power in mind, TI incorporates the ARM Cortex-A15 core into KeyStone processors, offering the most comprehensive integrated solutions for embedded infrastructure applications. The combination of Cortex-A15 processors, TI’s TMS320C66x DSPs, a robust portfolio of multicore software and tools, and integrated Ethernet switching, packet and security processing results in the reduction of overall system cost and performance improvement. TI’s ARM Cortex-A15 implementation provides significant improvements in memory management, flexibility of high speed interfaces and a network co-processor that offload various tasks to reduce ARM/DSP burden.

Additional ARM Cortex-A15 Features Include:
  • Speeds from 800Mhz to 1.4GHz
  • Improved multiprocessor bandwidth
  • Improved streaming performance
  • Advanced system support
  • Improved memory performances

ARM Cortex-A15 Software Support

TI provides key software components and documentation for ARM Cortex-A15 processors to further ease development. Software Development Kits (SDKs) can be downloaded on at no cost, and are also included with hardware evaluation modules (EVMs) and development kits. SDKs for ARM Cortex-A15 processors require no runtime royalties. They include BSPs, tools, demos, documentation and more.

BIOS/Linux Multicore SDK for ARM Cortex-A15

ARM Cortex-A15 Targeted Applications

TI offers the industry’s first implementation of quad ARM Cortex-A15 processors in infrastructure-class embedded SoCs. Delivering exceptional capacity and performance at significantly reduced power, TI’s ARM Cortex-A15 SoCs are targeted for process-intensive applications such as networking, high performance computing, video infrastructure, gaming and media processing applications. Find ARM Cortex-A15 resources such as block diagrams, application notes, and other related information for targeted ARM Cortex-A15 applications.