ARMĀ® Processors

Overview for ARM Cortex-A8 Core

The ARM Cortex-A8 processor is highly-optimized by ARM for performance and power efficiency. With the ability to scale in speed from 275MHz to 1.35GHz, the ARM Cortex-A8 processor can meet the requirements for power optimized devices with a power budget of less than 300mW and enables performance-optimized consumer applications requiring greater than 2500 Dhrystone MIPS. Compared to the ARM11 core, the Cortex-A8 processor is a dual-issue superscalar, achieving twice the instructions executed per clock cycle at 2 DMIPS/MHz.

TI's ARM Cortex-A8 Advantage

Designed with power- and cost-sensitive applications in mind, TI’s portfolio of ARM Cortex-A8 processors offers comprehensive integration, software and hardware enablement, and one of the broadest performance ranges for ARM solutions available today. TI’s ARM Cortex-A8 devices enable advanced 3D graphics acceleration, flexible communications interfaces and robust display options.

Additional ARM Cortex-A8 Features Include:
  • Low-cost solutions starting at less than $5*
  • High-level operating systems and RTOS support
  • Production-ready reference platforms
  • Large 3P ecosystem for support and additional resources
    *AM3352 at 100ku

ARM Cortex-A8 Software Support

TI provides key runtime software components and documentation for ARM Cortex-A8 processors to further ease development. Software Development Kits (SDK) for Linux and Android can be downloaded on at no cost, and are also included with hardware evaluation modules (EVM) and development kits. SDKs for ARM Cortex-A8 require no royalties and include Board Support Packages (BSPs), tools, demos, documentation and more.

ARM Cortex-A8 Targeted Applications

In addition to the right levels of performance, TI’s ARM Cortex-A8 portfolio also incorporates the right levels of peripheral integration to support the needs of a variety of markets. Using Cortex-A8, device manufacturers have the ability to scale from cost-optimized solutions to highly integrated, performance-focused implementation with a single processor. Find ARM Cortex-A8 resources such as block diagrams, application notes, and other related information for the targeted ARM Cortex-A8 applications.

Cortex-A8 Retail Application

Cortex-A8 Industrial Application

Cortex-A8 Medical Application

Cortex-A8 SmartGrid Application

Cortex-A8 Single Board Computing Application

Retail Industrial Medical SmartGrid Single Board

ARM Cortex-A8 Documentation

File Name File Classification File Type File Size
ARM Cortex™-A8 White Paper .pdf 78 KB
ARM Cortex-A8 Technical Reference Manual (external link) Reference Manual HTML N/A
TI's ARM Selection Guide
Selection Guide .pdf 53 KB