Power management

Battery management – Featured products

<8V (1-2 cell battery applications) 

Our specializes in fast and cool charging, supports safer operations, and higher accuracy for space-constrained low power applications such as video doorbells, ultrasound scanners, portable POS, and medical. We offer chargers with high power density and low stand-by and ship mode Iq, gauges with
a patented algorithm, and protection devices. 



Low IQ linear battery charge management solution with LDO and ADC


I2C Controlled, 2-cell, 2-A boost-mode battery charger for USB input


Impedance Track™ integrated circuit gas gauge solution for 1-series


High side protector for single-cell Li-Ion and Li-polymer batteries

12 - 32V (3-8 cell battery applications)

Our gauges, created with a patented algorithm, offer the highest accuracy reporting of SoC and SoH. Our chargers, with low stand-by Iq, minimize current draw in battery-only mode maximizing battery run time which works best for applications such as vacuum robots, power tools, and more. 



2 to 4 series NVDC I2C battery buck-boost charge controller with system power monitor & processor hot monitor


2-series to 7-series battery pack manager with gas gauging Impedance Track™ technology


Analog front end for 3 to 6 series lithium-ion cells


3-series to 5-series stackable ultra-low-power primary protector with autonomous cell balancing

>40V (>10-cell battery applications) 

Our monitors offer accurate measurement of V, I and T, and robust communication of that information back to the controller which helps you create industial solutions such as e-bikes, garden tools, and power tools.  Not only do our monitors help you with mesauring V, I, and T, they also achieve up to the highest ASIL-D rating on a chip level; which helps you design battery management systems in HEV/EV, ESS, UPS and more. 



SafeTI™ precision monitor SoC with integrated hardware protector for automotive battery packs


6 to 10-series cell li-ion and li-phosphate battery monitor


9 to 15-series cell li-ion and li-phosphate battery monitor (bq76940 family)


3-series to 5-series stackable ultra-low-power primary protector with autonomous cell balancing