Jacinto™ automotive processors

Innovative, scalable solutions for a variety of ADAS, digital cockpit, infotainment applications

Scalable automotive processors


Scalable hardware and software solutions across ADAS and infotainment for maximum investment reuse.



From inception, we develop our processors and software with automotive in mind.

Complete systems

Complete systems

Design faster and easier complete system solutions with Jacinto automotive processors’ ready to use software and a broad complementary portfolio.



35+ years of experience delivering innovative automotive hardware and software solutions.

Automotive processors device portfolio

TDAx ADAS product family

TDAx ADAS automotive processors provide scalable and open solutions with ready to use software for a variety of analytic and visual applications. These applications include camera, radar and sensor fusion solutions.

DRAx infotainment product family

DRAx infotainment processors provide support for a variety of applications including entry/mid-level infotainment, head unit co-processing for infotainment, informational ADAS, integrated digital cockpit and more.

Automotive processors applications

ADAS technology and applications
Infotainment software and applications image