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Making Cars Safer Through Technology Innovation (Rev. A)

TI is at the forefront of automotive technology, driving innovation in analog and embedded-processing signal chains to shape the future of automotive electronics today.

Step into next-gen architectures for multi-camera operations in automobiles

A highly integrated approach to achieve extended synchronization and advanced high-dynamic range image quality to enable automotive surround view and camera monitoring systems.

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Application notes

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AM57x, DRA7x, and TDA2x EMIF Tools (Rev. E) Multiple Files 324 06 Jan 2020
Jacinto 7 High-Speed Interface Layout Guidelines PDF 2749 04 Oct 2019
Jacinto 7 LPDDR4 Board Design and Layout Guidelines PDF 1164 25 Jun 2019

White papers

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Leverage Jacinto 7 Processors Functional Safety Features for Automotive Designs PDF 720 12 Dec 2019
A 360-degree view of surround-view and automated parking systems Multiple Files 716 10 Dec 2019
Embedded low-power deep learning with TIDL PDF 719 08 Dec 2017