BQ27742-G1 (ACTIVE)

bq27742-G1 Single Cell Li-Ion Battery Fuel Gauge With Integrated Protection | Battery Gas Gauge


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bq27742 Complete Gauge and Protection For Single-Cell Li-ion Battery Packs

This reference design using bq27742 along with Battery Management Studio (Bqstudio) software  provides the customer with tools for develpping a battery fuel  gauge module for placement inside a lithium-based battery pack. Customers are able to configure the solution so that it can provide (...)

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Software (7)

Name Part# Type
Battery Management Studio (bqStudio) Software BQSTUDIO Application Software & Frameworks
Gauging Parameter Calculator: Match chemistry for Impedance Track gauges GPCCHEM Application Software & Frameworks
Gauging Parameter Calculator: Optimize room temperature performance for Impedance Track gauges GPCRA0 Application Software & Frameworks
Linux Driver for BQ27XXX BQ27XXXSW-LINUX Software Libraries
bqStudio Chemistry Updater (Rev. DT) 
(ZIP1920KB )   12 Jan 2018  
Host System Calibration Method Software 
(ZIP4083KB )   06 Apr 2016  
bq27742-G1 firmware 
(ZIP52KB )   178views,08 May 2014