(ACTIVE) 3-17V 3A Step-Down Converter with DCS-Control in 3x3 QFN Package


Functional diagram


The TPS6213X family is an easy to use synchronous step down DC-DC converter optimized for applications with high power density. A high switching frequency of typically 2.5MHz allows the use of small inductors and provides fast transient response as well as high output voltage accuracy by use of the DCS-Control™ topology.

With their wide operating input voltage range of 3V to 17V, the devices are ideally suited for systems powered from either a Li-Ion or other batteries as well as from 12V intermediate power rails. It supports up to 3A continuous output current at output voltages between 0.9V and 6V (with 100% duty cycle mode). The output voltage startup ramp is controlled by the soft-start pin, which allows operation as either a standalone power supply or in tracking configurations. Power sequencing is also possible by configuring the Enable and open-drain Power Good pins.

In Power Save Mode, the devices draw quiescent current of about 17µA from VIN. Power Save Mode, entered automatically and seamlessly if load is small, maintains high efficiency over the entire load range. In Shutdown Mode, the device is turned off and shutdown current consumption is less than 2µA.

The device, available in adjustable and fixed output voltage versions, is packaged in a 16-pin VQFN package measuring 3 × 3 mm (RGT).


  • DCS-Control™ Topology
  • Input Voltage Range: 3 to 17V
  • Up to 3A Output Current
  • Adjustable Output Voltage from 0.9 to 6V
  • Pin-Selectable Output Voltage (nominal, + 5%)
  • Programmable Soft Start and Tracking
  • Seamless Power Save Mode Transition
  • Quiescent Current of 17µA (typ.)
  • Selectable Operating Frequency
  • Power Good Output
  • 100% Duty Cycle Mode
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Pin to Pin Compatible with TPS62140 and
  • Available in a 3 × 3 mm, QFN-16 Package


Vin (Min) (V) 3    
Vin (Max) (V) 17    
Vout (Min) (V) 0.9    
Vout (Max) (V) 6    
Iout (Max) (A) 3    
Regulated Outputs (#) 1    
Switching Frequency (Min) (kHz) 1250    
Switching Frequency (Max) (kHz) 2500    
Iq (Typ) (mA) 0.017    
Special Features Enable^Light Load Efficiency^Power Good^Pre-Bias Start-Up^Synchronous Rectification^Tracking^Voltage Margining    
Control Mode  
Duty Cycle (Max) (%) 100    
Operating Temperature Range (C) -40 to 85    
Rating Catalog    
Package Group QFN    
Approx. Price (US$) 0.96 | 1ku    

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