SLVAFD0A May   2022  – June 2022 AM623 , AM625 , TPS65219


  1.   Abstract
  2.   Trademarks
  3. 1Introduction
  4. 2TPS65219 Overview
    1. 2.1 TPS65219 Functional Block Diagram
  5. 3TPS65219 Variants
  6. 4Power Block Diagrams
    1. 4.1 TPS6521901 Powering AM62x
    2. 4.2 TPS6521902 Powering AM62x
    3. 4.3 TPS6521903 Powering AM62x
    4. 4.4 TPS6521904 Powering AM62x
  7. 5References
  8. 6Revision History


This application note can be used as a guide for integrating the TPS65219 Power Management IC (PMIC) into non-automotive systems powering the Industrial AM62x Sitara Processor. An orderable part number comparison table details the configurations of several factory programmed TPS65219 variants that can support different AM62x use cases. Example power maps are provided to assist the design process.