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  1.   At a glance
  2.   Authors
  3.   3
  4.   What is galvanic isolation?
  5.   High-voltage galvanic isolation concerns
  6.   Methods of isolation
    1.     Optical isolation
    2.     Capacitive isolation
    3.     Magnetic isolation
    4.     Achieve isolation needs reliably while reducing solution size and cost
    5.     EV applications
    6.     Grid infrastructure applications
    7.     Factory automation applications
    8.     Motor-drive applications
  7.   Conclusion
  8.   Additional resources
The high voltages present in factory automation, motor drives, grid infrastructure and electric vehicles (EVs) can be several hundred or even thousands of volts. Galvanic isolation helps resolve the challenge of designing a safe human interface in the presence of such high voltages.

At a glance

This paper provides an overview of galvanic isolation, explains common isolation methods for high-voltage systems, and shows how Texas Instruments (TI) isolation integrated circuits (ICs) can help designers meet isolation needs reliably while reducing solution size and cost.

1 What is galvanic isolation?
Galvanic isolation introduces electrical partitions that prevent current from flowing between two or more parts of a system. Isolating signals and power protects personnel and equipment and adheres to industry and international standards.
2 High-voltage galvanic isolation concerns
and methods
Learn the primary considerations when constructing an isolation barrier, such as voltage ratings, spacing dimensions, common-mode transient immunity (CMTI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI).
3 Achieve isolation needs reliably while reducing solution size and cost
Advancements in capacitive and magnetic isolation, package development, and process technology from TI can deliver power and high-speed signals safely and reliably across the isolation barrier in industrial and automotive systems such as electric vehicles (EVs), grid infrastructure, factory automation and motor drives.