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USB Type-C & USB Power Delivery ICs – Technical documents

A primer on USB Type-C and Power Delivery applications and requirements

Deep dive into applications and their power and data role requirements with this USB Type-C™ and Power Delivery white paper.

Circuit protection for your next USB Type-C™ design White Paper

Reduce the risk of USB Type-C system damage and field failure by implementing circuit protection as a key component of the system design with this white paper.

Alternate Mode for USB Type-C™: Going Beyond USB

Find out how to use USB Type-C to deliver high-quality 10G USB data and 8K video with this white paper.

Strengthening the USB Type-C signal chain through redrivers

Leverage redrivers in your Type-C design for better system performance and signal quality.

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Schematic Checklist for HD3SS3212 and HD3SS3220 PDF 74 31 Mar 2020
PCB Layout and Parameters Recommendation for TPS2583X EMC Performance PDF 2669 25 Mar 2020
USB Type C Power Delivery Source with TPS65987 and TPS55288 PDF 382 06 Mar 2020