I2C isolators

Bidirectional I2C isolators for robust communication

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Our portfolio of basic and reinforced isolated I2C devices enables reliable bidirectional data transfer with high-noise immunity, high-EMC and the industry's longest lifetimes. Our I2C isolators help you reduce cost and board space by eliminating external logic devices that support bidirectional I2C communication.

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Industrial I2C isolators

Bidirectional isolators with bidirectional or unidirectional clock options, high IEC-ESD performance and high immunity for applications like power over Ethernet (PoE), power delivery and motor drives

Automotive I2C isolators

Bidirectional isolators with bidirectional or unidirectional clock options. High immunity in small packages that enable compact design in battery management systems (BMS) and on-board chargers (OBC)

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Non-isolated I2C ICs

Optimize I2C signals, increase system reliability and extend system functionality.

Featured I2C isolators

Technical resources

Application brief
Application brief
How Do Isolated I2C Buffers with Hot-Swap Capability and IEC ESD Improve ... (Rev. A)
Learn how isolated I2C buffers with hot-swap capability and IEC ESD improve isolated I2C communication.
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Technical article
Technical article
Top 6 design questions about I2C isolators
Solve commom design challenges with our isolated I2C FAQs.
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Isolation certifications
Get a quick view of which worldwide industry standards our isolation products meet, including VDE, CSA, CQC and UL.

Design & development resources

Reference design
High-side N-MOSFET control (up to 32s) battery pack reference design with stacked battery monitor
This reference design is a high-side, N-channel MOSFET control (up to 32s) battery pack, using the stacked BQ769x2 battery monitor family. This design monitors each cell voltage, pack current, cell and MOSFET temperature and protects the battery pack for secure safe use. The high-side N-channel (...)
Reference design
Isolated power architecture reference design for communication and analog input/output modules

This reference design provides a means to isolate I2C or SPI communication lines. This is often required in grid infrastructure applications such as protection relays and circuit breakers where high voltages are involved. This reference design provides both power isolation and signal isolation.

Reference design
EMC Compliant, Group Isolated, 2-Channel Binary Input Module for Wide AC/DC Input Reference Design
This reference design showcases a cost-optimized architecture that improves resolution of a binary-input module. A microcontroller unit (MCU) is shared between two-input channels (group isolation) to minimize the cost per channel. Wide-input range is covered using an amplifier with gain and (...)

Reference designs related to I2C isolators

Use our reference design selection tool to find designs that best match your application and parameters.