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Isolated RS-485 transceivers

Highest working-voltage, highest noise immunity and smallest solution size

Explore our portfolio of basic and reinforced isolated RS-485 and isolated RS-422 transceivers based on a proprietary silicon dioxide (SiO2) insulation barrier for industry-leading performance. This family of products integrates the functionality of a digital isolator and RS-485 or RS-422 transceiver into one compact device.

Featured isolated RS-485 transceivers


1-Mbps, half-duplex, 3-kVrms ultra-small isolated RS-485 & RS-422 transceiver


EMC protected, 50-Mbps, half-duplex, 5-kVrms isolated RS-485 & RS-422 transceiver


Low-emissions, 500-kbps, reinforced isolated RS-485/RS-422 transceiver with integrated power

Featured isolated RS-485 & RS-422 resources

How to Isolate RS-485 for Smallest Size and Highest Reliability (Rev. B)

Learn how integrated isolated RS-422 and RS-485 transceivers deliver reliable communication while reducing significant board space compared to traditional optocoupler-based solutions.

How to Isolate Signal and Power for an RS-485 System (Rev. C)

Explore different solutions for isolating an RS-422 or RS-485 node and understand the trade-offs between them.

Robust Isolated RS-485 Enables New Industrial Applications (Rev. B)

Discover how to isolate RS-422 and RS-485 communication with superior integrated ESD and EFT protection for noisy industrial environments.

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Isolated RS-485 transceivers technical articles

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