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Digital signal processors

Industry-leading portfolio featuring a broad, scalable selection of programmable DSP devices

Our programmable digital signal processors (DSPs) operate in a variety of embedded real-time signal processing applications including audio and aerospace & defense. Our DSP products range from low-power, single-core processors to high-performance multi-core DSP plus Arm SoCs, ensuring that we have the right DSP for your design.

Single-core DSPs

Our single-core DSPs are designed for low-power and real-time signal processing, providing best-in-class preformance per watt.

Multi-core DSPs

Our multi-core DSPs provide high-performance parallel signal processing.

High reliability DSPs

Our high reliability DSPs provide mission-critical signal processing in harsh environments and rugged applications.

Featured products


This fixed- and floating-point DSP offers a high level of integration and connectivity options at power consumption <1 mW/MHz.


This power-efficient and easy-to-use SoC offers up to 2.5 GHz of performance.


This multi-core fixed- and floating-point DSP enables up to 10 GHz of performance for high-performance signal-processing applications.

Getting to know our DSPs

Built for real-time, deterministic signal processing in the smallest performance-per-power footprint, our DSPs offer more efficient performance over other software-programmable processors, particularly for applications that include computation-intensive functions. Some of our DSP capabilities include:

  • Supporting event response times as low as 10 ns with specialized instructions
  • Consuming <200 µW/MHz and delivering >12 GFLOPs/W in your application
  • Delivering performance up to 200 GFLOPS and 400 GMACs

Learn more about our DSP capabilities and how we make DSP designs easy for you.

Design resources for your DSPs

As you start to develop your application, you may need a more robust suite of hardware or an application-specific software development kit. We have compiled resources that span hardware, software components and third-party resources designed to simplify and accelerate your design and development process..