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Jacinto™ automotive processors

Innovative, scalable solutions for a variety of ADAS, digital cockpit, gateway and vehicle compute applications.

Jacinto™ automotive processors drive innovation in ADAS, gateway, vehicle compute, and digital cockpit systems. Our highly integrated, scalable SoCs are designed using decades of automotive and functional safety expertise. Paired with our unified, open software development environment, Jacinto SoCs give you flexibility to support entry-level to luxury-grade vehicles and can help you reduce system complexity and cost.



Scalable hardware and software solutions across ADAS and infotainment for maximum investment reuse.



From inception, we develop our processors and software with automotive in mind.

Complete systems

Complete systems

Design faster and easier complete system solutions with Jacinto automotive processors’ ready to use software and a broad complementary portfolio.



35+ years of experience delivering innovative automotive hardware and software solutions.

What's new

Next-generation Jacinto™ 7 automotive processors

Introducing the all-new TDA4VM and DRA829V SoCs for advanced ADAS and gateway systems, the first two SoCs in our new Jacinto 7 processor platform. Our new SoCs deliver server-class performance in an embedded, low-power design.

  • More efficient performance in deep learning
  • 5 - 20 watts power envelope for high-end ADAS functions
  • Embedded MCU subsystem with built-in functional safety (ASIL-D capable)
  • High-speed I/O with integrated PCIe switch and Gb Ethernet switch
DRA829V Gateway and vehicle compute SoC

Find the right automotive processor for your design


TDAx ADAS SoCs provide scalable and open solutions with ready to use software for a variety of analytic and visual applications. These applications include camera, radar and sensor fusion solutions.

Gateway & vehicle compute SoCs

DRA82x gateway and vehicle compute SoCs seamlessly integrate the compute capabilities of the software-defined car, with embedded PCIe switch and Gigabit Ethernet switch technologies and a safety MCU that supports mixed-criticality up to ASIL-D.

Digital cockpit SoCs

DRAx digital cockpit SoCs provide support for a variety of applications including entry/mid-level infotainment, head unit co-processing for infotainment, informational ADAS, integrated digital cockpit and more.