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Sitara processors – Industrial drives

Single chip drive to connect, control and communicate

  • Multi-protocol feedback integration through the PRU-ICSS.
  • Field-oriented control for variable frequency drive motor control that leverages improved Vector Floating Point Unit.
  • Certified multi-protocol industrial Ethernet integration enabling real-time deterministic communication through the PRU ICSS.

Sitara Processor benefits for industrial drives

  • Single-chip for motor control and communication
  • Integrated multi-protocol industrial Ethernet
  • Supports encoder feedback
  • Field-oriented control for variable-speed drives

TI Arm®-based solutions for digital drives

Device family
Performance range
Evaluation tool
Software and tools
Sitara AM437x 750 – 2500 DMIPS Arm Cortex-A9, PRU AM437x Industrial Development Kit


Code Composer Studio integrated development environment (IDE)

Application stacks for industrial communication protocols

Sample industrial applications

Multi-protocol digital encoder interface

EnDAT 2.2
Hiperface DSL
Sponsor Heidenhain SICK Stegman iC Haus
Phy Interface RS-485 RS-485 RS-422/485
Speed 100kbit - 8/16 Mbit 9.375 Mbit 1/2/5/10 Mbit
Reach 100 meter, 300m at lower speed 100 meter 100 meter
Cable 4 wire 2 wire, motor integrated 4 wire
Max frame length ~ 31+116 bit Continuous frame 117 bit 64 bit / frame
Delay compensation Yes Yes Yes
Oversampling Yes Yes Yes
Overhead channels Two additional 8 V frames 1 bit per frame
Synchronization Start pulse – bit time Async Pulse Start pulse – bit time

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