Linear Hall-effect sensors

Design with sensors that output a signal proportional to magnetic flux density for absolute position measurement

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Our linear Hall-effect sensors provide contactless, accurate position sensing in a variety of applications. Detect the linear travel of a magnet or the angular position of a rotary application with precision and dependability.

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Technical resources

Video series
Video series
TI Precision Labs - Magnetic Sensors
Check out our comprehensive TI Precision Labs curriculum for magnetic sensors, including linear Hall-effect sensors.
Application note
Application note
Linear Hall-Effect Sensor Angle Measurement Theory, Implementation... (Rev. B)
Learn about how single-axis linear Hall-effect sensors can be used for angle measurements.
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Application note
Application note
Linear Hall Effect Sensor Array Design
Read about how you can use an array of single-axis linear Hall-effect sensors to measure absolute position over a long range.
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