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Linear Hall effect sensors

Precision Hall effect sensors that output a signal proportional to magnetic flux density for absolute position measurement

Our linear Hall effect sensors are known for robust durability and dependable operation for a wide variety of position sensing applications. Whether detecting the linear travel of a magnet or the angular position of a rotary application, linear Hall effect sensors provide contactless accurate position sensing.

Device type

Choose linear hall effect sensors with bipolar, unipolar or PWM output

Supply voltage

Hall sensors are offered with operating supply voltages to better suit your supply rail

Device packaging

Our linear Hall effect sensors are available in industry standard packaging options to easily fit into any new or existing design needing contactless, accurate position sensing

Featured linear Hall effect sensors


Automotive, 3D high-accuracy linear Hall effect sensor with SPI bus interface


High accuracy linear Hall effect sensor with unipolar input response and analog output


High accuracy linear Hall effect sensor with bipolar input response and analog output

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