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Zero-drift Hall-effect current sensors

Achieve consistent, accurate measurements over time and temperature

Our Hall-effect current sensors provide high accuracy combined with low drift, enabling accurate current measurements over both time and temperature. Additionally, our Hall-effect current sensors offer high working voltage levels with different levels of isolation to help address varying use-case conditions.

Low drift

Achieve low drift over time and temperature with zero-drift architecture and real-time sensitivity compensation correct for changing temperature, package stress and aging.

  • Low sensitivity temperature
  • Low lifetime sensitivity drift
  • Low offset drift

High accuracy

Increase overall system performance with higher efficiency and tighter system control.

  • Full-scale error < 1%
  • Linearity error < 0.1%


Address demanding environmental and use-case conditions while exceeding industry regulations and extending product lifetime with high working voltage.

  • 600-V working voltage
  • 3-kVrms dielectric withstand isolation
  • UL1577 standard

Featured Hall-effect current sensors


Industry’s first zero-drift Hall-effect current sensor enabling 1% accuracy in 600-V systems


±420-V isolated Hall-effect current sensor with internal reference


±100-V Hall-effect current sensor with internal reference

Technical resources

This e-book includes 20 proven tips to simplify your current sense amplifier design, including out-of-range measurements and signal chain integration.

Learn how major industry trends are driving demand for isolated current sensing, and how zero-drift Hall-effect current sensors can improve isolation and measurement drift.

The training series includes videos and downloadable reference materials to help accelerate your learning and deepen your technical expertise.

Featured Hall-effect current sensor reference designs

1-kW, 80 Plus titanium, GaN CCM totem pole bridgeless PFC and half-bridge LLC reference design

This reference design is a digitally controlled, compact 1-kW AC/DC power supply design for server power supply unit (PSU) and telecom rectifier applications.

In-phase current-sense reference design for 230-VAC motor drives using Hall-effect current sensors

This reference design features the Hall-effect current sensor, TMCS1100, that can measure currents with an absolute error of < 1% (–40 to 125°C) and provide a working isolation voltage of up to 600 V. 

TMCS1101 isolated Hall-effect current sensing evaluation module

This EVM is intended to facilitate rapid, convenient use of the TMCS1101, an isolated Hall-effect precision current sense monitor utilizing an internal ratiometric reference.