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Temperature switches

Configurable ALERT thresholds for autonomous temperature protection

Our temperature switches offer the simplest solution for monitoring 1 or 2 temperature thresholds, sending a high/low digital output directly to a microcontroller GPIO or the enable-pin on a power supply for automatic protection of a system. We offer the largest selection of configurable temperature switches that reduce your production cost with their self-test feature and enable systems to be protected autonomously with integrated, selectable hysteresis for enhanced noise immunity. The threshold temperature at which our switches trigger an alert can be resistor programmable, pin-selectable or factory set. These integrated temperature monitoring solutions also offer system size reduction of up to 50% vs discrete implementations using NTC thermistor sensors and comparators. Visit our applications page to learn more about how these temperature threshold detection ICs enable better protection in automotive and industrial systems.

Temperature switch programming types

Threshold settings

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Temperature switch threshold range

Threshold range

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Temperature switch comparator channels

Comparator channels

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Featured temperature switches

Choose from temperature switches that offer single threshold or multiple threshold detection. Additionally, digital and analog temperature sensors can enable continuous monitoring in addition to alerts at a given threshold. You can find those options in our temperature sensor product search.


Automotive-grade, ultra-small, dual-channel, 0.5-μA, resistor-programmable temperature switch


±0.2°C Factory programmed temperature window comparator capable of 1.4-3.6 V supply operation


Temperature switch with 10°C and 30°C hysteresis options and a temperature threshold set by just one external resistor