Temperature switches

Achieve autonomous temperature protection with configurable ALERT thresholds

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Monitor one or two temperature thresholds and send high/low digital output directly to a microcontroller GPIO or the enable-pin on a power supply for automatic protection of a system with our temperature switch portfolio. Our configurable temperature switches help minimize production costs with self-test capabilities, allow systems to be protected autonomously with integrated, selectable hysteresis for enhanced noise immunity, and reduce system size up to 50% versus discrete implementations.

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Threshold range

Select a switch based on what temperature you need an alert to trigger.

Comparator channels

Choose a single or dual alert output device.


Meet stringent design requirements with our qualified device options.

Technical resources

An Engineer's Guide to Temperature Sensing (Rev. A)
With over 40-years experience helping customers optimize their temperature designs, we've developed a comprehensive e-book covering six unique application challenges involving unique sensor placement and routing considerations.
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Application note
Application note
System Optimization Through Integrated Solutions for Temp. Threshold Detection
This document provides different solutions to thermal threshold detection and offers a comparison of the different methods. 
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Video series
Video series
Build your expertise with TI Precision Labs - Temperature Sensors
Watch our video series on digital and analog temperature sensors, temperature switches and linear thermistors. Covering temperature sensor error and repeatability, sensitivity and gain and recommended operating points.