Industry’s smallest linear thermistors enable high accuracy system reliability

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With our thermistor portfolio, achieve the benefits of silicon-based linear thermistor technology at the same low cost and small size of traditional NTC thermistors. These devices maintain high-sensitivity across temperature, enabling up to 50% higher accuracy than NTC thermistors. Simplify your design process by eliminating the need for additional linearization circuitry and multi-point calibration.

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Benefits of our thermistors portfolio 


High accuracy

Our thermistors deliver greater accuracy, resistance tolerance and long-term reliability than NTC thermistors.


Design simplicity

Linear calculation of resistance and tolerance simplifies designs and lowers system cost for both hardware and software.


Small packages

Industry's smallest linear thermistor packages reduce PCB layout and enable closer proximity to thermal hot spots.

Technical resources

Linear vs NTC thermistors- which should you choose?
In this video we discuss resistance tolerance, calibration, reliability, power consumption, and self-heating to compare NTC thermistor sensors with TI's silicon based linear thermistor sensors.
White paper
White paper
Temperature Sensing with Thermistors
This white paper discusses the two types of thermistors, negative temperature coefficient (NTC) and silicon based linear positive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermisors and considerations when designing with them.
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Thermistor design tool
Use the thermistor design tool to view resistance tables and begin your design with example temperature conversion methods and code