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Industry's smallest linear thermistors

High-sensitivity and single-point calibration for high accuracy

Our thermistors provide the benefits of silicon-based linear thermistor technology at the same low cost and small size of traditional NTC thermistors. These devices maintain high sensitivity enabling up to 50% higher accuracy than NTC thermistors. Simplify your design with thermistors that eliminate the need for additional linearization circuitry and multi-point calibration. 

high accuracy thermistor

High accuracy

Our thermistors deliver greater accuracy, resistance tolerance and long-term reliability than NTC thermistors

  • Low power consumption
  • Minimized self-heating
  • <1% max sensor drift

Design simplicity

Linear calculation of resistance and tolerance simplifies designs and lowers system cost for both hardware and software

  • Single-point calibration
  • Zero linearization
  • Less memory required in software
Small size thermistors

Small packages

Industry's smallest linear thermistor packages reduce PCB layout and enable closer proximity to thermal hot spots

  • Small 0402 and 0603 packages
  • Industry's smallest 2-pin TO-92
  • 0.6 s response time

Featured thermistors


±1% tolerance 10kΩ linear thermistor


Automotive ±1% tolerance 10kΩ linear thermistor


±1% tolerance 100kΩ linear thermistor

Design resources

Thermistor design tool

Use the thermistor design tool to view resistance tables and begin your design with example temperature conversion methods and code