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Digital temperature sensors

Small, easy-to-use and high accuracy digital temperature sensors for any design

Our digital temperature sensor ICs provide the high accuracy, low power consumption and ease-of-use required for any temperature sensing application, while taking up the smallest packaging footprint. Offering a variety of interface options, our digital temperature sensors integrate seamlessly into your design. Visit our applications page to learn more about how these sensors enable cold-junction compensation in industrial systems, body temperature measurement in medical systems and wearables, and simplified design system monitoring in systems with high-performance processors.

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Address thermal disruptions in your system with digital temperature sensors

Featured digital temperature sensors

Our digital-output temperature sensors provide the small footprint, high-accuracy (outperforming platinum RTDs such as PT100/PT1000), low power consumption and ease-of-use required for many temperature sensing applications. Offered with a variety of interface options including SPI, I2C/SMBus, UART, and digital pulse counter, these digital output temperature sensors integrate easily.


±0.1°C accuracy digital temperature sensor with integrated NV memory


1.4-V-capable ±0.5°C accuracy digital temperature sensor in the compact SOT-563 package


±1.0°C accuracy I3C-compatible upgrade to industry standard LM75 / TMP75 digital temperature sensors


±0.5°C accuracy 2-pin temperature sensor with a pulse train interface

Featured remote temperature sensors

Remote diode temperature sensors measure the temperature of external PN junctions such as diodes or transistors. Often times FPGAs, ASICs, or processors will pin a thermal diode on chip allowing for a remote diode temperature sensor to measure FPGA temperature directly.


1.7-V-capable, ±1°C accuracy remote and local temperature sensor with N-factor, filter, and series-r correction


Dual remote and local temperature sensor with automatic beta, N-factor and series-r correction


1.7-V-capable, ±0.75°C accuracy 4-remote and 1-local temp sensor


1.7-V-capable, ±0.75°C accuracy 8-remote and 1-local temp sensor