Analog temperature sensors

High-accuracy, linearity and reliability across temperature

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Achieve a highly linear output voltage to temperature with our portfolio of analog temperature sensors. The low-power consumption of these devices minimizes self-heating, enabling accuracy down to ±0.13°C. Analog temperature sensor ICs require no compensation circuitry, look-up tables or calibration - making this portfolio easier to use than NTC thermistor sensors.

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Design flexibly with support for a wide range of sensor gains (in mV/°C ).


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Technical resources

An Engineer's Guide to Temperature Sensing (Rev. A)
With over 40-years experience helping customers optimize their temperature designs, we've developed a comprehensive e-book covering six unique application challenges involving unique sensor placement and routing considerations.
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Technical article
Technical article
Getting the most out of your power stage at the full temperature range – part 1
When designing a power stage for motor control, you can drive down the total system cost if you make special considerations regarding efficiency.
Video series
Video series
Build your expertise with TI Precision Labs - Temperature Sensors
Watch our video series on digital and analog temperature sensors, temperature switches and linear thermistors. Covering temperature sensor error and repeatability, sensitivity and gain and recommended operating points.