Analog temperature sensors

High accuracy and linearity across the entire temperature range

Analog temperature sensors provide a highly linear output voltage or current proportional to temperature. Their low power minimizes self-heating enabling accuracy up to ±0.13°C. Analog temperature sensors are very simple to design with and easy-to-use, requiring no compensation circuitry, look-up tables or calibration.

High accuracy

High accuracy and linearity with zero calibration for increased performance across the entire temperature range

  • Up to ±0.13°C accuracy
  • -13mV/°C to +20mV/°C
  • -55°C to +150°C
small size analog temperature sensors

Small packaging size

Industry's broadest selection of tiny footprint options, including through-hole and surface-mounted packages

  • 2-pin 0.6mm x 1mm (0402)
  • Industry's smallest 2-pin TO-92s
  • 4-pin, 0.8mm x 0.8mm WLCSP

Automotive grade

Industry's broadest AEC-Q100 portfolio with different package, gain and accuracy options

  • Grade 0: -40°C to 150°C
  • Grade 1: -40°C to 125°C

Featured analog temperature sensors


Silicon-based linear thermistor with a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC)


Precision analog output temperature sensor with 2.3V- 5.5V supply range and ±1° C accuracy


2.7V-capable, 10 uA analog output temperature sensor in SC70 and TO-92 packages