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Analog temperature sensors

High accuracy, linearity and reliability across the entire temperature range

Analog temperature sensors provide a highly linear output voltage or current proportional to temperature. Their low power minimizes self-heating enabling accuracy up to ±0.13°C. Analog temperature sensors are very easy to use, requiring no compensation circuitry, look-up tables or calibration - making them superior to discrete NTC thermistor sensors. Visit our applications page to learn more about how these temperature sensors enable better efficiency and reliability in automotive and industrial systems.

Analog temperature sensing accuracy


Find devices that fit the temperature sensor accuracy requirements of your design

Analog temperature sensor gain

Sensor gain

Design flexibly with support for a wide range of sensor gains (in mV/°C )

Analog temperature sensor package types

Package options

Select from a variety of packages to get the best performance on and off board

Analog temperature automotive rating


Address stringent design requirements with our qualified device options

Featured analog temperature sensors

Our analog-output temperature sensors are optimized to address a variety of applications. From linear thermistor sensors and low-cost voltage-output sensors that enable more efficient power supplies and motors to ultra-high accuracy options for cold-junction compensation, these solutions are tailored to meet your needs.


±1% tolerance 10-kΩ thermistor available in 0402, 0603 and 0805 package options


Precision analog output temperature sensor with 2.3V- 5.5V supply range and ±1° C accuracy


±0.1°C ultra-high accuracy analog temperature sensor