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Overview for Redriver/Repeater

Texas Instruments' redriver/repeater portfolio features low power products with multiple channels.


Key portfolio highlights

  • Extend signal reach: Input and output equalization to support 30+ inches of FR-4 or 8+ meters of copper cable @ 10Gbps
  • Lowest power and system cost: Single-supply voltage with <70 mW per channel (typical); no external reference clock, power supply filters or complex routing needed
  • Easy to use: Multi-protocol support and automatic configuration via external EEPROM eliminates need for software programming

Key applications

TI repeaters support various protocols such as:

Featured repeaters/redrivers

Device Description Order sample Download datasheet Order EVM
DS125BR820 12Gbps 8-channel linear repeater with EQ
DS80PCI810 8Gbps 8-channel PCIe repeater with EQ
DS125BR401A 12Gbps 4-lane repeater with EQ
DS125BR111 Ultra-low power 12.5Gbps 2-channel repeater with input EQ and output DE
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Repeaters extend reach by boosting high frequencies to reduce insertion loss and open a closed eye.

Insertion loss

Clean eye using a TI repeater

Data-dependent jitter