Sensing Products

Featured applications

TI’s broad, industry-leading portfolio of easy to use temperature sensors can be used in many systems for precise thermal monitoring, protection or control.



TI’s expanding portfolio of AEC-Q100 qualified temperature sensors provide the reliability required for your next automotive design.

Automotive applications for temperature sensors

Enterprise systems

Monitor your enterprise system for optimal efficiency with TI’s newest 9-channel remote temperature sensor, the TMP468 or the TMP112 high accuracy digital temperature sensor


Enterprise system applications for temperature sensors
End Equipment Featured TI Design Key Product
Enterprise Server N/A TMP468
Enterprise Server N/A TMP112


TI’s broad range of temperature sensors offer precision, size and temperature range requirements required for industrial design.


Personal electronics

TI’s precision analog and digital temperature sensors provide thermal monitoring, body temperature measurement and protection in a small package for a range of portable devices, such as wearables and solid state drives.

Personal electronics