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TI has a wide portfolio of stepper motor drivers to make designing your stepper motor system faster and easier. With multiple voltage and current options, smart tune technology for smooth motion, and advanced protection features, TI can provide the right product for your application needs.  


Automotive applications often have wide input voltage variations, require precise motion control, and have strict on EMC requirements. Stepper motor drivers from TI provide wide operating voltages, microstepping for accurate and smooth motion, and slew rate control to help with EMC requirements.  All automotive stepper motor driver products are AEC-Q100 Qualified to support wide temperature profiles and include advanced protection and diagnostic features.

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TI’s Stepper drivers are designed to deliver a quieter, more accurate, and more efficient motion profile for stepper motors. With industry leading technology like Smart Tune adaptive decay mode and integrated current sensing, stepper motor systems can be smaller and more cost-effective,  while at the same time offering more efficient performance and smoother motion.

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