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Half-bridge drivers 

Our complete portfolio of half-bridge MOSFET, IBGT, GaN and SiC gate drivers offers system robustness and high power density across many applications

Also referred to as high-side/low-side drivers, our half-bridge drivers will reduce your switching losses, handle noisy environments and improve system efficiency. With resources like videos, technical articles and other documents, we have you covered throughout the whole design process. 

Browse half-bridge drivers by bus voltage:

<120V half-bridge drivers

Faster propagation delay to enable faster switching and increase overall system efficiency.

<700V half-bridge drivers

Support higher voltages while still providing the highest possible efficiency and reliability for your end application.

Half-bridge gate driver resources

This training video discusses challenges associated with high side bias in half-bridge gate drivers.

This technical article series discusses multiple features of half-bridge gate drivers that can lead to higher system robustness.

This app note discusses the power dissipation within gate drivers with an integrated bootstrap diode.