Half-bridge drivers

Our complete portfolio of half-bridge gate drivers offers system robustness and high power density across many applications

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Our half-bridge drivers integrate a high-side and low-side driver and reduce switching losses, handle noisy environments and improve system efficiency. With resources like videos, technical articles and other documents, we have you covered throughout the whole design process.

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<120-V half-bridge drivers

Faster propagation delay enables faster switching and increases overall system efficiency.

<700-V half-bridge drivers

Support higher voltages while still providing the highest possible efficiency and reliability for your end application.

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Technical resources

Application note
Application note
Maximizing DC/DC converter designs with UCC27282
This application note outlines the advantages of the UCC27282 over previous generation drivers to allow optimization of the design and enhance robustness. 
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Technical article
Technical article
UCC27712-Q1: Replacing 3-phase bridge drivers with half-bridge drivers in automotive AC compressors
This technical article focuses on some of the key performances of UCC27712-Q1 half-bridge gate driver over some 3-phase bridge drivers in automotive AC compressors. 

Design & development resources

Reference design
Power stage reference design for <100-VIN DC/DC converters
This reference design implements a high frequency power stage design based on the UCC27282 120-V half-bridge MOSFET driver and CSD19531 100-V power MOSFETs. With efficient switches and flexible VGS operating range, this design can reduce overall gate drive and conduction losses to achieve (...)
Reference design
600W Half Brick DC/DC Converter with Digital Control for Telecom Applications Reference Design

The PMP4320A reference design is a single output DC-DC converter with standard half-brick dimensions and full digital control configuration based on the UCD3138.  It is capable of delivering 50A output current with an output voltage of 12V.  The converter provides high efficiency and good (...)

Reference design
2kW, 48V to 400V, >93% Efficiency, Isolated Bidirectional DC-DC Converter Reference Design for UPS
The 2-kW isolated bidirectional DC-DC converter reference design (TIDA-00951) is capable of power transfer between a 400-V DC-BUS and a 12-14 cell lithium battery pack for use in UPS, battery backup and power storage applications. This reference design works as active clamped boost converter with (...)

Reference designs related to Half-bridge drivers

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