Power management

Drive high performance across many topologies 

Our low-side gate drivers enable reliable and efficient power systems

Why use a low-side driver? It’s simple. A low-side gate driver will reduce your PCB space by decreasing your component count and increase your system reliability. Our low-side drivers also feature high drive current, low propagation delay, and negative voltage handling to further improve your system’s performance.

Single-channel low-side gate drivers

Ideal applications include totem pole replacement, single-stage motor drive and single- leave PFC.

Dual-channel low-side gate drivers

Ideal applications include gate drive transformers, synchronous rectification, and interleaved PFC.

Featured low-side driver devices


Single-channel high-speed low-side gate driver with 4 A peak source and 8 A peak sink


4 A/4 A single-channel high-speed low-side gate driver


Dual, 5A, high-speed low-side power MOSFET driver, with negative input voltage ability

Featured low-side driver reference designs

Low-side driver featured technical resources

Low-side gate drivers with UVLO versus BJT totem-pole

This app note discusses the advantages of a low-side gate driver IC compared to the discrete totem-pole and their performances at under-voltage lockout conditions.

Using a single-output gate driver for high-side or low-side drive

This app note discusses how single output drivers can enable greater layout flexibility and fewer parasitics, leading to optimal switching performance.

IGBT drive using MOSFET gate drivers

This app note discusses the benefits of using gate drivers for IGBTs in circuits requiring high voltage.