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DisplayPort Linear Redriver Supporting RBR, HBR, HBR2 and HBR3 (12Gbps)

Availability: 3,706


Package | PIN: WQFN (RLJ) | 38
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
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1-9 $8.16
10-24 $7.34
25-99 $6.85
100-249 $6.15
250-499 $5.74
500-749 $4.99
750-999 $4.32
1000+ $4.23


  • Supports VESA DisplayPort 1.3, and eDP 1.4
  • Quad Channel Linear Redriver Supporting Data Rates up to 12 Gbps including DisplayPort RBR, HBR, HBR2 and HBR3
  • Protocol Agnostic
  • Transparent to DP Link Training
  • Position Independent on the Link Suitable for Source, Sink and Cable Applications
  • 15-dB Analog Equalization at 6 GHz
  • Output Linear Dynamic Range: 1200 mV
  • Bandwidth: >20 GHz
  • Better than 16-dB Return Loss at 6 GHz
  • 2.5-V or 3.3-V ±5% Single Power Supply Option
  • Low Power Consumption with 80 mW per channel at 2.5 V VCC
  • GPIO or I2C Control

Texas Instruments  SN65DP141RLJT

The SN65DP141 is an asynchronous, protocol-agnostic, low latency, four-channel linear equalizer optimized for use up to 12 Gbps and compensates for losses due to board traces and cables.

The device is transparent to DisplayPort (DP) link training such a way that a DP source and a sink can perform effective link training overcoming traditional “aux snooping” re-drivers’ shortcomings. Additionally, the device is position independent. It can be placed inside source, cable or sink effectively providing a “negative loss” component to the overall link budget. Linear equalization inside SN65DP141 also increases link margin when used with a receiver implementing Decision Feedback Equalization (DFE).

SN65DP141 allows independent channel control for equalization, gain, dynamic range using both I2C and GPIO configurations.