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  Title Version Description Size
IEC60730 Class B for MSP430 G2xx 5xx and FR57xx devices IEC60730 Class B for MSP430 G2xx 5xx and FR57xx devices 3931 K
User's Guide MSP430 IEC60730 Software Package User's Guide

Supported products & hardware

Supported product family Supported products Supported hardware

What's New?

  • Updated MSP430 driver library to version
  • Added support for MSP430FR26xx, MSP430FR25xx and MSP430FR2433
  • Modified CPU test for IAR and CCS
    • Devices with CPUX can now use small or large memory model compiler option.

Release Information

These software libraries provides a variety of systemdiagnostic tests required by IEC 60730-1:2010 for up to Class B products. The software libraries include projects that demonstrate running power-on self-test (POST) and periodic self-test (PST) with reporting conducted through flashing an LED. The user's guide demonstrates how to integrate the POST and PST into an application design. In addition, the software package for IEC 60730 also includes a GUI configuration tool which allows users to easily generate customized configuration header files.

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