Types of actuators

TI offers a comprehensive set of drivers that are compatible with various haptic actuator technologies including, eccentric rotating mass (ERMs), the increasingly popular linear resonant actuators (LRAs), and cutting edge piezo actuators. TI provides a full spectrum of discrete solutions as well as integrated system solutions for various touch screen controller applications.

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Eccentric Rotating Mass

ERM is one of two inertial motor-based haptic actuators, and is the most widely used in the industry today. This actuator has an off center weight that rotates; creating omni-directional waves that propagate throughout the device, enabling whole device haptics.

Supported TI haptics driver: DRV2604L, DRV2605, DRV8601

ERM - Eccentric Rotating Mass - Haptics Actuators

Linear Resonant Actuators

Linear Resonant Actuators are increasing in popularity. LRAs are comprised of a simple magnet attached to a spring that modulates up and down creating its vibrations. Due to composition the LRA can offer a richer user experience in a lower power solution compared to ERMs.

Supported TI haptics driver: DRV2604L, DRV2605, DRV8601, DRV2603

LRA - Linear Resonant Actuators - Haptics Actuators

Beam and Disk

Piezo are the cutting edge new technology in regards to haptics applications. These device bend when a voltage is applied and it is that bending that creates the foundation of vibration. Piezo does not have any bandwidth issues associated with LRA or ERMs and offers the widest use of spectrum available giving you a virtually blank canvas of waveforms to work with.

Supported TI haptics driver: DRV2665, DRV8662, DRV2667

Piezo - Beam - Haptics Actuators

  ERM LRA Piezo
Motion type Rotation Linear Linear
High definition haptics No No Yes
Power Good Best Better
Localized haptics No No Yes
Whole-device haptics Yes Yes Yes
Drive voltage 2.5V - 5.5V (peak) 2V (RMS) 50V-200V (pk-to-pk)
Response time 40-80 ms 20-30 ms <1 ms
Haptic driver DRV8601, DRV2603,
DRV2604L, DRV2605
DRV8601, DRV2603,
DRV2604L, DRV2605
DRV8662, DRV2665, DRV2667

Looking for actuators for your next haptic design? The companies listed below offer Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM), Linear Resonant Actuator (LRA) and/or Piezo haptic actuators that have been tested to work with TI driver ICs.

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Vendor Company description Actuators Order samples
AAC Technologies was founded in 1993 and has become the world's leading supplier of micro components total solutions for communications, IT and consumer electronics markets. Backed by strong scientific research, design, and production capabilities, the Company provides customers with high quality value-added products including haptic actuators. LRA Contact ACC
Precision Microdrives™ Precision Microdrives is an experienced ISO9001 supplier of DC electric motors with offices in the UK, Hong Kong and China. Precision Microdrives produces precision, miniature, low voltage, DC vibrating motors, DC reduction gear motors, and DC brushed motors. ERM, LRA Buy online
Mide An ISO9001 company, Midé is a leading supplier of smart material products and design services. Midé's "Piezo Protection Advantage" products use a patented process that encapsulates piezoceramics within a protective and electrically insulating flex/rigid-flex circuit skin. The resulting actuators, sensors, and vibration energy harvesters, including SHIVR™ haptic actuators, offer unmatched performance, easy integration, and high reliability. Piezo Order Online
Piezo Technology Since 1992, PI Ceramic has been developing and manufacturing piezo ceramic materials and components for standard and OEM solutions: Piezo components, ultrasonic transducers, actuators and system solutions. In addition to the large range of standard piezo products, customized solutions can be realized promptly and individually. Piezo Contact PI
Nidec Copal Electronics Group Nidec Copal Electronics Group was established in April of 1967 in Japan as a specialty manufacturer of electronics components. These included a wide range of motors, encoders, switches and pressure sensors. ERM, LRA Contact Nidec-Copal
Kotl® China's largest and most experienced manufacturer of Vibration Motors and Micro Motors. In business since 1986, KOTL - JinLong Machinery produces over 100 Million vibrating motors annually while maintaining the strictest quality standards in the industry. They are certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE, OSHMS and RoHS and REACH compliant. ERM, LRA Contact Kotl
Johnson Electric Johnson Electric is a global leader in motion products, control systems and flexible interconnects, serving a broad range of industries. Their innovation centers throughout the world enable close collaboration with customers and have technology focus on products such as Microswitches, DC Motors, Electronically commutated motors, High Voltage DC Motors, AC Motors, solenoids, stepper motors and piezo actuators. ERM, Solenoid Contact Johnson Electric
PUI Audio PUI is a global supplier offering a comprehensive line of innovative audio components including, indicators, transducers, piezo benders, speakers, piezo speakers, and more. Piezo Contact PUI Audio
Nidec-Seimitsu Nidec Seimitsu Corporation is a worldwide micromotor manufacturer. Nidec engages in the development, manufacturing and sale of brush motors, brushless motors, and stepping motors. ERM, LRA Contact Nidec-Seimitsu
Mplus In 1999, Mplus Co., Ltd started mass production of bar type motors. Between 2005-2009, the company has developed and produced linear actuators and piezos. In December 2015, Mplus took over Samsung Electro-Mechanics vibration motor business including human resources, assets, production facilities, and intellectual property. Mplus is a leader in linear actuator development with quality manufacturing of vibration motors. ERM, LRA, Piezo Contact Mplus
Jahwa JAHWA Electronics was established in 1981, since then JAHWA has been a leader in the precise electronic components manufacturing industry. In order to achieve the business philosophy of "leap in technology development company", JAHWA has invested more than 5% of sales to R&D. All of this growth was based on the result of continuous research, development and quality improvement efforts of vibration motors. ERM, LRA Contact JAHWA
Gruner Based in Wehingen, Germany and founded in 1953 ,Gruner leads the industry as one of the top sources of actuators and solenoids. Gruner has a catalog of solenoid actuators, but also specializes in custom designs. Solenoid Contact Gruner
Bluecom BLUECOM company integrates the latest technological advancements for sound components including speakers and linear motors along with smart wireless communications technology in order to produce Bluetooth and Wearable gear. LRA Contact BLUECOM