What is haptics?

With Haptics, experience the vibration of a guitar string or the texture of turning the page of a book on your touch screen. Stay on schedule when a silent alarm in your watch resonates around your wrist. Stay safe as controls on your car’s touchpad provide feedback so you never have to take your eyes off the road. Haptics brings a whole new dimension to your product through the use of targeted and precise vibrations, utilized to keep you more in touch with the digital world and the world around you.

Highest performance haptics solutions. Piezo drivers allow precision actuation for high-definition haptics with fastest response time and largest bandwidth.

Cost effective haptics solutions with good performance. Smart Loop architecture enables overdrive & braking as well as auto resonance.

Applications for Haptic Drivers


TI Haptics utilize three major actuator types.


ERM - Eccentric Rotating Mass - Haptics Actuators


LRA - Linear Resonant Actuators - Haptics Actuators


Piezo - beam and disk - Haptics Actuators

Why choose TI haptic drivers?

These features, only available from TI, help improve actuator performance and reduce integration time.

Waveform LibraryWaveform library
123 haptic effects embedded, royalty free

Convert audio signals to haptic effects; automatic haptics for music, games,and movies

Smart Loop Architecture

Auto-Resonance DetectionAuto-resonance detection
Automatically track the resonant frequency of an LRA; maximize vibration strength and improve consistency across devices


Automatic DiagnosticsAutomatic diagnostics
Automatically detect the status of the actuator


Automatic CalibrationAutomatic calibration
Automatically detect and configure the closed-loop feedback coefficients for every actuator

Closed Loop FeedbackClosed loop feedback
Improve the response time of ERM and LRA actuators with automatic overdrive and braking

ERM closed loop buzz
ERM Closed Loop Buzz