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Integrated MOSFET and gate driver solutions with protection, sensing, or power management features. With integrated FET solutions, our motor drivers provide efficient switching and current control to maximize output current capability from a single chip. Smart gate drivers integrate passive components to reduce board size, design complexity and cost, supporting adjustable gate drive current, flexible MOSFET selection, efficiency, low EMI and minimal board space.



100-V Three-Phase Smart Gate Driver With Buck Regulator and Three Current Shunt Amplifiers


Automotive 60-V three-phase smart gate driver


2.5A three phase brushless DC motor driver (PWM ctrl)

Integrated control

Spin the motor without an external microcontroller using integrated control functionality. Minimize noise and vibration with true and accurate 180-degree sinusoidal algorithms. Our motor drivers feature trap, sine and FOC control variants for optimal efficiency in a variety of motors. Sensor-less algorithms reduce design complexity by removing Hall sensors.



30W, 12v Automotive 3-phase sensorless BLDC motor driver with load dump support


12W, 12V 3-phase sensorless BLDC motor driver


50W, 12V to 24V, Three-Phase Sensorless BLDC Motor Driver

Functional safety 

Minimize BOM and system complexity with integrated protections and diagnostics. SafeTI™ design packages help designers meet industry standard functional safety requirements while managing both systematic and random failures. 


3-phase automotive Gate Driver Unit (GDU) with high performance sensing, protection and diagnostics


3-phase automotive gate driver unit with current sensing, grade 0