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Customers can do more with TI’s complete range of innovative analog ICs, with signal chain and power management devices, as well as integrated analog device and application solutions.

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More than 2,000 reference designs allow you to apply TI’s analog device products to jumpstart your system, whether you need speed, power, size, efficiency or precision.

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TI Analog Devices Overview

Product Overview Example product
Battery Management TI battery managemnt products, tools and expertise make it easier to deisgn more efficieant, longer lasting and safer battery-powered applications.
  • Battery charger ICs
  • Energy harvesting & solar charging
  • Battery fuel gauge
  • Battery monitor and protection
  • Wireless power
DC/DC switching regulators Innovate and differentiate with industry-leading DC/DC converters, controllers and charge pumps
  • Step-down converters, controllers and charge pumps
  • Boost and buck-boost converters, controllers and charge pumps
  • Digital power converters and controllers
Low dropout regulators Industry’s largest portfolio of LDOs and linear regulators. Whether you need a small size, high current or high voltage device with low-noise, low Iq or wide voltage range, TI has a LDO or linear regulator that fits your design requirements.
  • Low noise
  • Low IQ
  • Small size
  • Powering FPGAs & processors
  • Wide input voltage range
Signal Chain
Product Overview Example product
Amplifiers Amplifiers for any need: From ultra-high performance to cost-optimized and everything in between
  • Operational amplifiers
  • Comparators
  • Instrumentation amplifiers
  • Difference amplifiers
  • Current sense amplifiers
  • Programmable & variable gain amplifiers
Clock and Timing TI’s clock products enable systems to reduce bit error rates on serial links, improve signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in wireless links, minimize EMI, consolidate multiple crystals and save overall system cost.
  • Oscillators
  • Clock generators
  • Clock jitter cleaners
  • RF PLLs/Synthesizers
  • Clock buffers
Data converters TI’s industry-best data converter products and tools will redefine the way you design with data converters.
  • High-speed analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and digital-to-analog converters (DACs)
  • Precision ADCs and DACs
  • Inductance-to-digital converters (LDCs) for sensing
  • Analog front ends
  • Audio data converters
  • Digital potentiometers
  • Integrated/special function data converters
Interface Span or link together end equipment with TI interface ICs that support higher bandwidths and longer transmission distances, while reducing system cost, complexity and size.
  • CAN & LIN transceivers
  • Display & imaging SerDes
  • Ethernet
  • Optical module ICs
Isolation Digital isolator portfolio including highest working-voltage, lowest emissions, and highest efficiency, integrated-power devices
  • Digital isolators
  • Isolated interface
  • Isolated gate drivers
Motor drivers TI’s highly integrated motor drive solutions enable you to design smarter, smaller, safer motors
  • Brushed and brushless DC motor drivers
  • Stepper motor drivers
  • Half Bridge gate drivers
  • Solenoid motor drivers
  • Haptics drivers
Sensor products TI offers optimized sensing solutions for today’s design challenges and tomorrow’s innovations. Explore sensing products for current, position, proximity and the environment to support your specific design needs.
  • Temperature
  • mmWave
  • Optical
  • Magnetic
  • Ultrasonic
  • Inductive
  • Current sense amplifiers