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Power management

Voltage supervisor & reset ICs for system protection

Continuous voltage and power-rail monitoring

We have a wide portfolio of voltage supervisors and reset ICs that includes watchdog timers, push-button ICs, voltage detectors, fixed time delay supervisors and programmable time delay supervisors. Also known as voltage monitors, these devices continuously monitor system health to ensure proper operation. These devices integrate the right combination of features to provide flexibility for customers across all applications, including automotive, industrial and personal electronics.

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Single channel

Monitors a single voltage rail for undervoltage or overvoltage detection

Window detector

Monitors overvoltage and undervoltage conditions to alert the system when a voltage rail deviates from the permissible tolerance level

Watchdog timer

Prevents freezes or hangs in an MCU and continuously monitors the voltage supply for undervoltage conditions


Monitors multiple voltage rails with high precision

Push-button reset IC

Monitors user presses and provides a reset after the user holds the button for a given time period

Low IQ

Monitors a voltage supply with low-power consumption to achieve longer battery life

Power trends

Power management is at the center of enabling the continued integration of electronics in our lives. For decades, TI has been at the forefront of developing new process, packaging and circuit-design technologies to deliver the best power devices for your design. Check out our featured devices below, designed to help you address low quiescent current and high accuracy challenges.

Supervisor & reset ICs for low quiescent current (IQ)

Achieve ultra-low quiescent current (IQ) without giving up system performance with our wide portfolio of voltage supervisors and reset integrated circuits (ICs). Our low-IQ supervisors provide continuous voltage and power-rail monitoring while operating at low standby power, enabling longer battery run times, faster dynamic response times and a small form factor, all while maintaining ultra-low quiescent power consumption.


125-nA IQ voltage supervisor with programmable delay on both rising and falling edges for sequencing and pushbutton functions


120-nA IQ voltage supervisor with 0.5% sensing accuracy, thresholds from 0.8 V to 5.5 V in 0.1-V steps, programmable delay and manual reset pin


250-nA IQ voltage supervisor with 1% voltage threshold accuracy available in a small SC70 package

Supervisor & reset ICs for high precision

Our high-accuracy supervisors and reset ICs enable better regulation in power supplies and safer operation in critical grid infrastructure, motor drive and industrial automation systems.


High-accuracy (0.25%), automotive, overvoltage and undervoltage supervisor with manual reset and latch feature


High-accuracy (0.8%), adjustable window supervisor and adjustable window watchdog


High-accuracy (1%), automotive, wide input voltage (up to 65 V), 700-nA supervisor with various threshold options for monitoring 12-V and 24-V rails

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