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Power management

Power management multi-channel IC (PMIC) solutions

Discover the simplicity and scalability of integrated power

Our scalable dual-rail to fully-integrated PMICs harness our leading edge power technology and reduce system complexity with fewer components. Built-in sequencing, monitoring, and voltage scaling help simplify the design versus a fully discrete solution.

Solutions for processor and FPGA families

Simple and accelerated design with easy-to-use, drop-in, configurable solutions that scale across platforms.

Broad portfolio of scalable devices

LDOs, DC/DCs, sequencers, load switches, supervisors, BIST, and logic optimally integrated into a single IC–easily configured with hardware and serial communications.

Optimized for your application

PMICs designed for application processors and subsystems reduce component count and system size while providing high efficiency regulation and optimal thermal footprints. SafeTI™ options to support ISO26262/IEC61508 implementations also available.

Find solutions by application type