Capacitive Touch Controllers

Texas Instruments' (TI) solutions for touch enabled applications include ultra-low power MSP430 microcontrollers, capacitive and resistive touch screen controllers as well as inertial and piezo haptic actuator drivers.

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Haptic technology has the ability to provide tactile feedback through touch-based interfaces. This touch-based technology has existed for decades and has become extremely popular in handheld, portable and touch-screen enabled consumer and industrial electronic devices. The vibrations produced by these devices provide a new, deeply enhanced user experience and unparalleled value.

New! DRV2667 industry's most highly integrated piezo haptic driver

TI's DRV2667 is a highly integrated piezo haptic driver featuring advanced digital interface, configurable boost converter and high voltage amplifier. Unlike competing devices, the DRV2667 does not require a large, expensive transformer, making it the industry's smallest complete single-chip solution for piezo haptic waveform generation.

DRV2667 Key Features and Benefits

  • High-voltage differential amplifier generates up to 200Vpp output allowing support of a wide range of piezo actuators
  • 15V to 105V boost converter eliminates the need for external components and a transformer
  • Digital interface, integrated memory and 2-ms startup allow faster response time and a more realistic experience
  • Complete single-chip solution for high-voltage piezo haptics saves board space and cost
  • Piezo haptics enables the highest fidelity “HD” haptic experience for a wide range of products such as smartphones, tablets, white goods and automotive applications

Related Products

DRV2665 piezo haptics driver offers the industry-leading analog and digital integration as the DRV2667, minus the integrated 2kB RAM for waveform storage.

DRV8662 piezo haptics driver provides TI’s integrated high voltage boost and piezo driver without digital interface.

New! DRV2605 haptic driver delivers unmatched performance and 123 royalty-free haptic effects

The DRV2605 haptics driver makes it easy to add realistic tactile feedback effects to a number of consumer and industrial products including smartphones, tablets, ebooks, refrigerators, microwave ovens and washing machines.

DRV2605 Key Features and Benefits

  • Industry’s first ERM/LRA haptics driver with 123 pre-loaded, royalty-free distinct haptic effects designed and licensed by Immersion
  • Audio-to-haptics mode automatically converts audio from music, movies or games into haptic effects allowing users to feel and fully experience audio and video content
  • Smart Loop architecture
    • Automatic overdriving and braking simplifies software programming and reduces startup and braking time by 50%
    • Automatic resonance tracking for the LRA delivers 2x the vibration force at half the power of competitive solutions
    • Automatic actuator diagnostics and level tracking delivers consistent acceleration over a range of environmental conditions
  • Industry’s smallest form factor (1.5 mm2)

Related Products

DRV2604 ERM/LRA haptics driver offers all the same core and industry-leading performance and power consumption as DRV2605, minus the audio-to-haptics mode and license to Immersion’s haptic effect library,  and features an integrated waveform RAM to store the your custom waveform library.

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Haptics Actuators

TI offers a comprehensive set of drivers that are compatible with various haptic actuator technologies including, eccentric rotating mass (ERMs), the increasingly popular linear resonant actuators (LRAs), and cutting edge piezo actuators. TI provides a full spectrum of discrete solutions as well as integrated system solutions for various touch screen controller applications.

  ERM LRA Piezo
Motion Type Rotation Linear Linear
High Definition Haptics No No Yes
Power Good Best Better
Localized Haptics No No Yes
Whole-device Haptics Yes Yes Yes
Drive Voltage 2.5V - 5.5V (peak) 2V (RMS) 50V-200V (pk-to-pk)
Response Time 40-80 ms 20-30 ms <<1 ms
Haptic Driver DRV8601, DRV2603,
DRV2604, DRV2605
DRV8601, DRV2603,
DRV2604, DRV2605
DRV8662, DRV2665, DRV2667

ERM and LRA Actuators

Features and Benefits

These features, only available from TI, help improve actuator performance and reduce integration time.

Waveform LibraryWaveform Library
123 haptic effects embedded, royalty free

Convert audio signals to haptic effects; automatic haptics for music, games,and movies

Smart Loop Architecture

Auto-Resonance DetectionAuto-Resonance Detection
Automatically track the resonant frequency of an LRA; maximize vibration strength and improve consistency across devices

Automatic DiagnosticsAutomatic Diagnostics
Automatically detect the status of the actuator

Automatic CalibrationAutomatic Calibration
Automatically detect and configure the closed-loop feedback coefficients for every actuator

Closed Loop FeedbackClosed Loop Feedback
Improve the response time of ERM and LRA actuators with automatic overdirve and braking

ERM Closed Loop Buzz
ERM Closed Loop Buzz

ERM - Eccentric Rotating Mass - Haptics Actuators

ERM - Eccentric Rotating Mass

ERM is one of two inertial motor-based haptic actuators, and is the most widely used in the industry today. This actuator has an off center weight that rotates; creating omni-directional waves that propagate throughout the device, enabling whole device haptics.

LRA - Linear Resonant Actuators - Haptics Actuators

LRA - Linear Resonant Actuators

Linear Resonant Actuators are increasing in popularity.  LRAs are comprised of a simple magnet attached to a spring that modulates up and down creating its vibrations. Due to composition the LRA can offer a richer user experience in a lower power solution compared to ERMs.

Piezo - Beam and Disk

Piezo are the cutting edge new technology in regards to haptics applications. These device bend when a voltage is applied and it is that bending that creates the foundation of vibration.  Piezo does not have any bandwidth issues associated with LRA or ERMs and offers the widest use of spectrum available giving you a virtually blank canvas of waveforms to work with.

Piezo - Beam and Disk - Haptics Actuators
Piezo - Beam - Haptics Actuators

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