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High Speed Visible - Design & development

Evaluation modules

Begin developing structured light and other pattern generating solutions with full-featured development kits.

DLP 2010 Light Control

The DLP 2010 Light Control evaluation module (EVM) is an easy-to-use evaluation platform for a wide variety of industrial applications, supporting two configurable input triggers and one configurable output trigger to allow easy synchronization with cameras, sensors, and other peripheral devices. 

DLP 3010 Light Control

The DLP 3010 Light Control evaluation module (EVM) is an easy-to-use evaluation platform for a wide variety of industrial applications like 3D scanning, 3D printing, medical imaging, automated optical inspection (AOI) and facial recognition.

DLP Discovery™ 4100

This development kit supports four DMDs, the DLP7000 and the DLP9500, as well as the UV versions of those DLP chips which operate from 363 – 420 nm. The included DMD controller, DLPC410, offers designers maximum flexibility to format and sequence light patterns.

DLP LightCrafter 4500

EVM provides a flexible light steering solution with a combination of resolution, brightness, and programmability in a small form factor that support the DLP4500. Enables machine vision measurements, faster printing builds, and more accurate digital light exposures with competitive cycle times.

DLP LightCrafter™ 6500

This evaluation module supports the DLP6500FYE, offers true HD resolution, and enables high speed pattern rates up to 9,523Hz.

DLP LightCrafter 9000

This top performance evaluation module supports the DLP9000 and is an easy path for solutions to maximize over 4 million programmable micromirrors with pixel data rates over 40 Gbps.


Experiment with high speed programmable pattern projection and 3D point cloud generation.

Evaluation module software

EVM software allows developers to generate patterns sequences and to control the module in different operating modes.

Configuration and support firmware

The firmware enables broad functionality of the DLP chipset, allowing developers with a flexible interface and extensive feature set to accelerate development.

DLP LightCrafter SDK

This SDK supports controllers used in multiple DLP LightCrafter series evaluation modules: DLPC300, DLPC350 and DLPC900. The SDK provides APIs to integrate DLP technology with cameras to create 3D machine vision or 3D printer solutions.

Reference designs

Download electronics and optical reference designs for developers including schematics, optical design files, mechanical drawings, layouts, and BOM to accelerate product development.