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Illumination wavelength range (nm) 400-700 Micromirror array size 2560x1600 Chipset family DLP9000 Pattern rate, binary (Max) (Hz) 9500 Pixel data rate (Max) (Gbps) 39 Micromirror pitch (um) 7.6 Component type DMD Number of triggers (Input / Output) Display resolution (Max) WQXGA Pattern rate, 8-bit (Max) (Hz) 247 Micromirror array orientation Orthogonal Micromirror driver support Integrated Power consumption (mW) 9871 Thermal dissipation (°C/W) 0.5 open-in-new Find other High-speed visible chipsets

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  • High Resolution 2560×1600 (WQXGA) Array
    • > 4 Million Micromirrors
    • 7.56-µm Micromirror Pitch
    • 0.9-Inch Micromirror Array Diagonal
    • ±12° Micromirror Tilt Angle (Relative to Flat State)
    • Designed for Corner Illumination
    • Integrated Micromirror Driver Circuitry
    • Two High Speed Options
  • DLP9000X With a Single DLPC910 Digital Controller
    • 480 MHz Input Data Clock Rate
    • Up to 61 Giga-Bits Per Second (with Continuous Streaming Input Data)
    • Up to 14989 Hz (1-Bit Binary Patterns)
    • Up to 1873 Hz (8-Bit Gray Patterns With Illumination Modulation)
  • DLP9000 with Dual DLPC900 Digital Controllers
    • 400 MHz Input Data Clock Rate
    • Up to 38 Giga-Bits per Second (With Up to 400 Pre-Stored Binary Patterns)
    • Up to 9523 Hz (1-Bit Binary Patterns)
    • Up to 1031 Hz (8-Bit Gray Patterns Pre- Loaded With Illumination Modulation), External Input Up to 360 Hz
  • Designed for Use With Broad Wavelength Range
    • 400 nm to 700 nm
    • Window Transmission 95% (Single Pass, Through Two Window Surfaces)
    • Micromirror Reflectivity 88%
    • Array Diffraction Efficiency 86%
    • Array Fill Factor 92%
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Featuring over 4 million micromirrors, the high resolution DLP9000 and DLP9000X digital micromirror devices (DMDs) are spatial light modulators (SLMs) that modulate the amplitude, direction, and/or phase of incoming light. This advanced light control technology has numerous applications in the industrial, medical, and consumer markets. The streaming nature of the DLP9000X and its DLPC910 controller enable very high speed continuous data streaming for lithographic applications. Both DMDs enable large build sizes and fine resolution for 3D printing applications. The high resolution provides the direct benefit of scanning larger objects for 3D machine vision applications.

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Technical documentation

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Application notes Wavelength Transmittance Considerations for DLP DMD Windows (Rev. E) Dec. 17, 2019
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Application notes Mounting Hardware and Quick Reference Guide for DLP® Advanced Light Control DMDs (Rev. A) Nov. 27, 2018
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Application notes DLP System Optics Application Note Jul. 20, 2010

Design & development

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Hardware development

document-generic User guide

The DLP® LightCrafter™ 9000 is a high performance and highly flexible development kit for incorporating DLP technology into a wide variety light steering applications. This EVM is an easy path for solutions maximizing resolution, optical throughput and brightness.

At the heart of DLP LightCrafter 9000 (...)



  • Development- LightCrafter 9000 EVM
  • Maximum Bandwidth- >40 Gbps
  • Maximum Binary Pattern Rate- 9.5 kHZ
  • DLP Digital Controller-DLPC900
  • Wavelength Range- 400-700 nm
  • Micromirror Array Size- 2560 x 1600
  • Display Resolution- WQXGA
  • Micromirror Array Diagonal- 0.9 inches
  • Micromirror Pixel Pitch (...)
DLi Accessories and Assemblies for DLP® Products
Provided by Digital Light Innovations
Digital Light Innovations (DLi) offers accessories, boards, and assemblies for development and production with DLP® Products. Examples include DMD controller boards, DMD board assemblies, flex cables, DMD mounting hardware assemblies, LED driver boards, and LED & fiber illumination assemblies.
  • (...)
DLi 3DLP9000 Light Engine for DLP9000
Provided by Digital Light Innovations
document-generic User guide
DLi’s 3DLP9000 is a DLP® light engine designed with the professional-grade DLP 3D printer in mind. Based on the DLP9000 chipset, the 3DLP9000 offers over 4 million pixel resolution, enabling larger build areas for DLP 3D printers.
  • On-axis, 0% offset
  • Multiple projection lens configurations
  • High uniformity, low distortion optics
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Compatible with DLP LightCrafter™ 6500/9000 GUI and DLPC900 API
  • Development kits for DLP9000 also available
In-Vision Firebird, High Resolution 3D Printer Light Engine for DLP9000
Provided by In-Vision Digital Imaging Optics GmbH
In-Vision’s Firebird optical module supports the DLP9000 with a native resolution of 2560x1600 pixels and micromirror pitch sizes of just 7.6 µm. Optimized for deep-blue LED illumination. Firebird enables structured light applications with high pixel resolution and compelling optical (...)
Customers incorporating DLP technology can use the DLP Products Optical Module Search Tool to identify products that meet their end equipment specifications, procure production ready optical modules, and help accelerate their development and time to market. The optical module manufacturers (OMM (...)
  • Includes display, light control, and automotive modules
  • Search by end equipment or optical specifications
  • Links to company and product websites

Software development

DLP® LightCrafter 6500 and 9000 Firmware and Software Bundle
DLPC900REF-SW Texas Instruments provides free software and firmware downloads to give developers flexibility and advanced control of the DLP LightCrafter  6500 and DLP LightCrafter  9000 EVMs. The reference design documentation allows customers to develop custom products based on the DLP6500 and DLP9000 chipsets.


DLPC900 Configuration and Support Firmware
DLPR900 The DLPR900 configuration and support firmware enables broad functionality of the DLPC900 digital controller. The DLPC900 offers reliable operation of both the DLP6500 (available in two package types) and DLP9000 digital micromirror devices (DMD).Combined with the DLPC900 controller, the DLPR900 (...)
  • Free downloadable configuration firmware for the DLPC900
  • Enables the DLP6500 and DLP9000 DMDs to display high speed, native resolution patterns with user selectable bit depths, pattern rates and exposure time
  • Allows users to display high quality, wide aspect ratio video and images at multiple (...)

Design tools & simulation

DLPM009.ZIP (23 KB) - IBIS Model
DLPR014A.ZIP (1002 KB)

CAD/CAE symbols

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