DLP® NIRscan™ Evaluation Module
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The DLP NIRscan is a complete evaluation module (EVM) to design a high performance, affordable near-infrared spectrometer.  This flexible tool contains everything a designer needs to start developing a DLP-based spectrometer right out of the box.  The EVM features the DLP 0.45 WXGA NIR chipset - the first ever DLP chipset optimized for use with near-infrared (NIR) light.  With DLP technology, spectrometers for use in the food, pharmaceutical, oil/gas and other emerging industries will be able to deliver lab performance levels in the factory and the field. Learn more about Spectroscopy.

Power supply sold separately. 





The DLP® NIRscan™ evaluation module includes the key features highlighted below. For mobile sensing, check out the DLP NIRscan Nano evaluation module. The table compares the key specifications of both evaluation modules.

  High Performance EVM MobileSensing EVM
Key Features DLP NIRscan DLP NIRscan Nano
Evaluation Module (EVM) Usage Benchtop/Portable Battery
Featured Digital Micromirror Device DLP4500NIR DLP2010NIR
Micromirror Array Size (pixels) 912 x 1140 854 x 480
Micromirror Pixel Pitch (µm) 7.6 5.4
Micromirror Tilt Angle (degrees) +/-12 +/-17
EVM Wavelength Range 1350 - 2490 nm 900 - 1700 nm
EVM Spectral Resolution 12 nm 10 nm
EVM Max Scan Speed (kHz) 4 2.88
EVM Signal-to-Noise Ratio 30,000:1
(transmissive head)
(reflective head)


DLP NIRscan EVM AM335x Software: This software bundle includes the executable, source, and install files for the AM335x software which runs on the embedded processor in the DLP NIRscan EVM. This software implements the NIRscan spectrometer functionality. Version 2.0 is recommended as it adds the Slew Scan and Hadamard capabilities to the existing v1.0 feature set.


Description Status Version Version Date Download
  DLP NIRscan Software Bundle for Linux     Obsolete     1.0.0     04/11/2014     Download  
  DLP NIRscan Software Bundle for Linux     Active     2.0.0     8/15/14     Download  
  DLP NIRscan MicroSD Image for Windows     Active     2.0.0     8/15/14     Download  
  AM335x Sitara ARM SDK     Active     6.0       Download  

What's Included

  • Spectrometer optical engine featuring DLP4500NIR DMD
  • Single-element extended InGaAs detector
  • Driver electronics featuring DLPC350 DMD controller, AM3358 processor and ADS1255 ADC
  • Transmittance sampling module with halogen lamp
  • Disposable cuvettes (3)
  • Embedded Linux operating system and web server based on BeagleBone Black architecture
  • Power supply sold separately.

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DLP® NIRscan™ Evaluation Module


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Technical documentation
Application notes (4)
Title Type Size (KB) Date
PDF 4167 14 Sep 2016
PDF 1368 01 Aug 2016
PDF 207 14 Jan 2016
PDF 536 21 Aug 2014
User guides (1)
Title Type Size (KB) Date
PDF 24411 01 Nov 2018
Solution guides (1)
Title Type Size (KB) Date
PDF 1010 08 Apr 2016
White papers (1)
Title Type Size (KB) Date
PDF 907 15 Aug 2015
More literature (1)
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PDF 39 02 Jan 2019

Software development (1)

Name Part Number Software Type
DLPC350 Configuration and Support Firmware  DLPR350  Firmware 

Reference Designs (1)

Name Part Number Tool Type
DLP Near-Infrared Spectrometer for Optical Analysis of Liquids & Solids Reference Design  TIDA-00155  Reference design 

TI Devices (24)

Part Number Name Product Family
ADS1255  24-Bit, 30kSPS, Very-Low-Noise Delta-Sigma ADC  Analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) 
AM3358  Sitara processor: Arm Cortex-A8, 3D graphics, PRU-ICSS, CAN  Sitara processors 
AM3358-EP  Sitara processor: Arm Cortex-A8, 3D, PRU-ICSS, HiRel, CAN  Sitara processors 
DLP4500NIR  DLP® 0.45 WXGA NIR DMD  Advanced light-control chipsets 
DLPC350  Digital Controller for DLP4500 DMD and DLP4500NIR DMD  Advanced light-control chipsets 
INA330  Thermistor Signal Amplifier for Temperature Control  Amplifiers 
RCV420  Precision 4mA to 20mA Current Loop Receiver  Special function amplifiers 
REF5025  2.5-V, 3-µVpp/V noise, 3-ppm/°C drift precision series voltage reference  Voltage references 
TPD4S012  4-channel USB ESD solution with power clamp  Circuit protection ICs 
TPS65145  4-CH LCD Bias w/ Fully Int. Pos. Charge Pump, 3.3V LDO Contr., 0.96A Min. Boost Ilim & Fault Detect  Power management 
TPS65217  Power Management IC (PMIC) w/ 3 DC/DCs, 4 LDOs, linear battery charger & white LED driver  Power management 
TPS730  200-mA, low-dropout voltage regulator with enable  Power management 
XTR101  Precision, Low Drift 4-20mA Two-Wire Transmitter  Special function amplifiers 
XTR105  4-20mA Current Transmitter with Sensor Excitation and Linearization  Special function amplifiers 
XTR105-DIE  4-20mA Current Transmitter with Sensor Excitation and Linearization  Special function amplifiers 
XTR106  4-20mA Current Transmitter with Bridge Excitation (2.5-V or 5-V reference) And Linearization   Special function amplifiers 
XTR108  4-20mA, Two-Wire Transmitter 'Smart' Programmable with Signal Conditioning  Special function amplifiers 
XTR110  Voltage-to-current converter/transmitter with 10-V reference and selectable input/output ranges   Special function amplifiers 
XTR111  Voltage-to-current converter/transmitter with 3-V to 15-V regulator and resistror set I/O ratio Special function amplifiers 
XTR112  4-20mA Current Transmitters with Sensor Excitation (2 x 250-µA) and Linearization   Special function amplifiers 
XTR115  4-20mA Current Loop Transmitter with 2.5-V reference and 200-μA power   Special function amplifiers 
XTR116  4-20mA Current Loop Transmitter with 4.096-V reference and 200-μA power   Special function amplifiers 
XTR117  XTR117 4-20mA Current Loop Transmitter  Special function amplifiers 
XTR300  Industrial Analog Current/Voltage Output Driver  Special function amplifiers 

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