Buffers & drivers

Enhance signal integrity in your system

Resolve common drive strength and high capacitive line issues with our portfolio of over 700 inverting (inverters) and noninverting buffers. Included are open-drain, 3-state and Schmitt trigger options available in 1-32 channel drivers. 

What's new?

Introducing the HCS Family: a portfolio of logic designed for noise-sensitive, low-power and rugged applications.

The HCS family improves signal integrity with a 40% improvement in propagation delay and a 50% higher current drive compared to HC equivalent devices.

The HCS family is pin-to-pin, drop-in compatible with the HC logic family, making it easy to update your design and meet the demands of today’s applications.  


Automotive 2-V to 6-V, 6-ch inverter with schmitt-trigger inputs


Automotive 2-V to 6V, 6-ch buffer with schmitt-trigger inputs

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