Overview for Piccolo F2802x/3x/5x/6x MCUs


Piccolo™ 32-bit Microcontroller Series

Piccolo™ C28x™ low-cost, high integration 32-bit microcontrollers feature architectural advancements and enhanced peripherals to bring the benefits of 32-bit real-time control to applications typically unable to justify the associated cost.

Whether you need fixed-point 40-60 MHz performance with the F2802x series, additional flash memory and CLA for high-efficiency control loops of the F2803x series, increased analog integration of the F2805x series, or the floating-point, double memory, and new Viterbi complex math unit (VCU) of the F2806x series there is a Piccolo MCU fit for your needs.

Piccolo's real-time control offers greater system efficiency and precision through the implementation of advanced algorithms for applications such as solar inverters, white goods appliances, hybrid automotive batteries, power line communications (PLC) and LED lighting.

C2000™ Real-time Control Brochure

Key Features

  • Up to 90-MHz, 32-bit C28x™ CPU
  • 16-kB to 256-kB embedded Flash
  • 12-bit ADC, up to 4.6 MSPS
  • 150-ps high-resolution ePWM
  • Control law accelerator
  • Package options starting at 38-pin TSSOP
  • Integrated oscillator, voltage regulator, BOR/POR
  • Single-rail 3.3V device
  • Floating-point and fixed-point options

Key Benefits

  • Leading 32-bit performance for real-time control
  • Lowers system cost
  • Increased ease of use
  • Small package size
  • Scalable performance, selectable math and control enhancements


Piccolo F2806x

Device Series CPU Speed Memory Architecture Features
Starting Price
Piccolo F2806x 90 MHz
128kB to 256kB Floating-point, VCU*,CLA*,DMA $4.95
Piccolo F2805x 60 MHz 64kB to 128kB Fixed-point, CLA, PGAs, Windowed Comparators $3.25
Piccolo F2803x 60 MHz 64kB to 128 kB Fixed-point, CLA* $2.79
Piccolo F2802x 40-60 MHz 16kB to 64 kB Fixed-point $1.85

* Denotes that feature is optional

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C2000 Real-time Control microcontrollers bring the power of a digital signal processor into a microcontroller architecture. These differentiated solutions are designed for developers looking to solve tough control loop tasks without compromising on performance. Based on the industry recognized C28x CPU, C2000 Real-time Control microcontrollers enable easy scalability between the Piccolo™ low-cost platform and the Delfino™ high-performance devices while making minimal changes to your software. C2000 Real-time Control microcontrollers are differentiating control-based applications such as digital power, industrial drives, solar inverters, appliances, automotive and much more.