Connect More with the Industry’s Broadest Wireless Connectivity Portfolio

TI offers wireless connectivity solutions for any application across all the major standards and technologies. Including wireless microcontrollers (MCUs), TI wireless connectivity chips help you easily connect more. Whether you are designing for industrial, automotive or the Internet of Things we have a low power solution for you.

The Largest Selection

ZigBee Solutions

14 standards and technologies with various system partitioning options

The Lowest Power

Wi-Fi platform solutions

Enables multi-year operation on a coin cell battery with wireless connectivity

The Easiest to Use

Bluetooth Applications

No RF expertise required – software, tools, reference designs, technical support, and more

Wireless Connectivity Portfolio: A Fit for Any System Topology

The TI Wireless Connectivity portfolio consists of:
  • A large foundation of millions of devices shipped over the last 15 years
  • SimpleLink™ Solutions: Broad device offering for all technologies and system partitioning
  • WiLink™ Solutions: High-performance Wi-Fi + Bluetooth® / Bluetooth low energy combo

SimpleLink™ Solutions

WiLink™ Solutions

Smart RF Transceivers Wireless Network Processors Wireless Microcontrollers (MCUs) Wi-Fi Combo
Application Application Application Application
Wireless Stack Wireless Stack Wireless Stack Wireless Stack
RF Radio RF Radio RF Radio RF Radio

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The Leader in IoT

The Leader in IoT

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ConnecTIng Wireless Blog

Learn from TI experts and customers on how to expand the IoT from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi.


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