Microcontrollers (MCU)

C2000™ Piccolo™ 32-bit microcontrollers

Entry performance with high levels of integration for a broad set of closed-loop control applications

Through high levels of analog and system integration combined with powerful control peripherals and processing, C2000™ Piccolo™ microcontrollers bring real-time control to cost-sensitive applications. You can reduce system costs while enjoying high levels of performance made possible by breakthrough accelerator technologies.

Proven portfolio

The C2000 Piccolo microcontroller family features six distinct code-compatible series with a wide range of performance, memory and peripheral options.

Purpose built

Designed for more cost-sensitive real-time control applications requiring high-precision sensing, fast computations, and high-resolution system actuation.

Accelerating applications

We prove the value of Piccolo in real-time control and accelerate your product development by providing software development kits, libraries, and tools along with application EVMs and reference designs.

Piccolo product portfolio

TMS320F2807x MCUs

TMS320F2807x MCUs

TMS320F28004x MCUs

NEW! TMS320F28004x MCUs

TMS320F2806x MCUs

TMS320F2806x MCUs

TMS320F2805x MCUs

TMS320F2805x MCUs

TMS320F2803x MCUs

TMS320F2803x MCUs

TMS320F2802x MCUs

TMS320F2802x MCUs


Core CPU + coprocessor CPU + coprocessor CPU + coprocessor CPU + coprocessor CPU + coprocessor CPU
Core Freq 120 – 240 MIPS 100 – 200 MIPS 90 – 180 MIPS 60 – 120 MIPS 60 – 120 MIPS Up to 60 MIPS


FLASH Up to 512KB Up to 256 KB Up to 256KB Up to 128KB Up to 128KB Up to 64KB
SRAM 100KB 100KB 100KB 20KB 20KB 12KB


Pin-count 100-176 56-100 80-100 80 56-80 38-48

Pricing from:

$10.06 (1ku) $4.85 (1ku) $4.85 (1ku) $3.25 (1ku) $3.05 (1ku) $1.99 (1ku)

Introducing the new Piccolo F28004x series

Optimized for power control applications, the new C2000 Piccolo F28004x MCUs build on the generational improvements introduced in the Delfino™ F2837x MCUs and Piccolo F2807x series while providing a roadmap and portfolio for existing Piccolo customers attracted to the unique combination of premium performance in an affordable offering. Key differentiators include:

  • Streamlined performance and power
  • New features include on-chip DC-DC for reduced power consumption and Embedded Real-Time Analysis And Diagnostic Unit (ERAD) for enhanced debug and system analysis
  • Advanced actuation and design flexibility
  • Integrated analog and protection

InstaSPIN™ motor control solutions

Our  sensorless, three-phase motor InstaSPIN™ solutions makes designing motor control applications easier whether you have a simple application or a complex design. Our InstaSPIN-enabled C2000 MCUs provide expertise to designers of sensorless (velocity and torque) or sensored (position, velocity and torque) motor control applications and are enabled by a special library on select Piccolo microcontrollers. 

InstaSPIN graphic

Featured applications