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DLP® LightCrafter Display 2010 is an easy to use, plug and play evaluation platform for the DLP2010 chipset, which includes the DLP2010 ( .2 WVGA) DMD, DLPC3435 display controller and DLPA2005 PMIC/LED driver. This EVM comes equipped with an optical engine that enables quick evaluation of the DLP2010 chipset for ultra-mobile and ultra-low power display applications. Its modular design allows the exchange of multiple light engines to fit diverse equipment design needs. 

Two versions of the evaluation module are available:

  1. DLPDLCR2010EVM: Full-featured version that includes boards, optical engine, DMD, flex and LED cables

  2. DLPDLCR2010EVM-PCB: Includes the PCB main and display boards only (does not include optical engine, DMD, flex or LED cables)


  • EVM compatible with wide range of optical modules
  • Standard HDMI-input interface offers plug-and-play functionality with various devices.
  • Get started quickly with simple yet powerful USB-based GUI
  • Comes powered with IntelliBright suite of image processing algorithm to dynamically optimize system brightness or power


What's Included

  • Optical engine from Asia Optical
  • DLP2010, DLPC3435 Configuration and Support Firmware
  • 1 HDMI cable
  • 1 USB Cable ( for communication with USB based GUI tool)
  • External 5V, 3A power supply. Click here to order power supply.

Buy DLP2010 optical engine online

Order a production-ready optical module that includes a DMD, illumination, optics and associated mechanics online from a worldwide supplier.

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DLP LightCrafter 2010 Firmware


Not Available ACTIVE v3.0.0  08 Apr 2016 

DLP® LightCrafter Display 2010 EVM


Pricing may vary.


DLP® LightCrafter Display 2010 EVM PCB Board only (does not include optical engine, DMD, flex or LED cables)


Pricing may vary.


MSP430 HDMI sample code


Not Available ACTIVE v1.0  29 Jul 2014 

EVM GUI Installer for 2010, 3010, 3010-G2, 4710 and 4710-G2 EVMs


Not Available ACTIVE v6.1  01 Nov 2017 
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Technical Documents
User guides (3)
Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views TI Recommends
PDF 904 08 Dec 2017 2,565
PDF 390 21 Oct 2015 1,617
PDF 568 08 Sep 2014 797

Reference Designs (1)

Name Part Number Tool Type
Ultra Mobile, Ultra Low Power Display Reference Design Using DLP® Technology  TIDA-00325  TI Designs

TI Devices (5)

Part Number Name Product Family
DLP2010  DLP® 0.2 WVGA DMD   Display & Projection 
DLPA2000  PMIC/LED Driver for DLP2010 (0.2 WVGA) DMD  Display & Projection 
DLPA2005  PMIC/LED Driver (High Current) for DLP2010 DMD and DLP2010NIR DMD  Advanced Light Control 
DLPC3430  DLP® Display Controller for DLP2010 (0.2 WVGA) DMD   Display & Projection 
DLPC3435  DLP® Display Controller for DLP2010 (0.2 WVGA) DMD   Display & Projection 

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