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DLP® Power and Motor Driver

DLP® Power and Motor Driver  - DLPA100


DLPA100 is a dedicated power management and motor control driver device for the DLP® 4K UHD TRP display chipset. The DLPA100, together with the DLP660TE digital micromirror device and DLPC4422 display controller, comprise the chipset. This solution is a great fit for display systems that require high resolution, high brightness and system simplicity. To ensure reliable operation, the DLP660TE DMD and the DLPC4422 display controller must always be used with the DLPA100 power management and motor driver device.


  • 3.3-V Switching Regulator - Logic Supply
  • 5-V Switching Regulator with Enable - Analog Circuit Power Supply
  • 1.0 V to 3.3 V Adjustable Switching Regulator - Core Supply
  • Adjustable Linear Regulator with Enable - PLL Supply
  • Adjustable Linear Regulator Control with Enable - Analog Supply
  • 2.5-V Switching Regulator Digital Supply
  • Power Supply Sequencing Control
  • Power Supervisory Circuits
  • Integrated Charge Pump for High Side Drive
  • Three Fan Drivers
  • Thermal Shutdown Circuitry
  • Serial Communications Interface
  • 3-phase Back Electromotive Force (BEMF) Motor Driver/Controller
  • Motor Supply Switching Regulator

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Component type
Chipset family
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PMIC/LED Driver    
DLP480RE, DLP470NE, DLP470TE, DLP550JE, DLP650NE, DLP650LE, DLP660TE    
48LQFP: 81 mm2: 9 x 9 (LQFP | 48)