DLPLCRC410 Evaluation Module


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The DLPLCRC410EVM, paired with one of five other DMD-based EVMs, is an evaluation platform exhibiting advanced light control for applications like lithography, 3D Printing (SLS and SLA), Machine Vision, and Marking and Coding. This EVM enables evaluations of new customer illumination sources, optics, algorithm, and exposure processes to quicken potential evalation of DLP technology, customer learning cycles, and times to market.

  • Light control of one of 5 different DMDs
  • Binary pattern rates up to 32 kHz
  • Grayscale patterns rates up to 1.9 kHz
  • 2xLVDS DDR input data interface at 400Mhz clock rate
  • Supports random row addressing of DMD rows

What's Included

  • Power supply not included

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