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DLP® LightCrafter™ is a compact evaluation module for integrating projected light into industrial, medical, and scientific applications. This DLP-based platform enables faster development cycles for end equipments requiring small form factor, lower cost and intelligent, high-speed pattern display. DLP LightCrafter features the 0.3 WVGA chipset, provides a variety of embedded functionality such as: structured light pattern projection, intelligent lighting, wavelength selection and portable display.

Developers can easily create, store, and display high-speed pattern sequences through DLP LightCrafter's USB-based application programming interface (API) and easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI). The module also features the powerful TMS320DM365 digital media processor based on DaVinci technology from Texas Instruments. With an ARM9 DSP core, DLP LightCrafter's DM365 runs a Linux operating system to give users the ability to develop a complete embedded system around the 0.3 WVGA chipset. A configurable input/output trigger allows for convenient synchronization with cameras, sensors, or other peripheral devices.

The DLP LightCrafter includes an RGB LED light engine developed and manufactured by Young Optics International. Designed specifically for the DLP3000 DMD, this light engine produces bright, wide aspect ratio patterns well-suited for use in a variety of ambient light environments. For applications where even higher brightness is required, active cooling and thermal management systems can be added to enable light out in excess of 50 lumens.



  • RGB LED light engine with 20L light output
  • High speed patterns using the native DLP3000 resolution (608 x 684)
    • Up to 4000 Hz binary pattern rate
    • Up to 120 Hz 8-bit grayscale pattern rate
  • Display images or video up to WVGA resolution (854 x 480)
  • Configurable I/O trigger for synchronizing with cameras, sensors, etc
  • DM365 embedded processor running embedded Linux
  • 128MB NAND flash memory for pattern and sequence storage
  • USB, Mini HDMI, UART interfaces
  • USB-based API and host GUI
  • Compact size: 117mm x 65mm x 23mm


What's Included

  • DLP 0.3 WVGA chipset
  • RGB LED light engine
  • DMD controller board
  • Processor and interface board
  • Embedded Linux OS

Cables and power supply sold separately. Order power supply here.

Available Versions

Texas Instruments provides free software and firmware downloads to give developers flexibility and advanced control of the DLP LightCrafter EVM. In addition, the software and design documentation allows customers to develop custom products based on the 0.3 WVGA chipset included in DLP LightCrafter faster. To promote proper functionality, please do not combine software and firmware from different release versions.

DLP LightCrafter Firmware and Software Bundle: This bundle contains a mixture of software associated with the DLP LightCrafter EVM. It includes the DM365, FPGA, MSP430, and EDID object code loaded onto the EVM, as well as the MSP430 source code. In addition, this software bundle includes the PC-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) for easy communication with DLP LightCrafter and an sample code for using the USB-based DLP LightCrafter API. There are several versions of this software available, and users should take care to ensure that software or firmware from different releases are not interchanged. Release versions 2.0 and 1.1 are compatible with DLP LightCrafter modules that have a “Version 2.0” sticker indicating newer hardware with improved USB connectivity. Release version 1.0 is intended for use with Version 1.0 modules (no sticker).

DLP LightCrafter EVM Reference Design: This reference design includes schematics, Gerber layout files, bill of materials, and baseplate mechanical ICD for the DLP LightCrafter EVM.

DLP LightCrafter DM365 DVSDK: The Linux™ Digital Video Software Development Kit (DVSDK) for TMS320DM365 has been modified for use with DLP® LightCrafter™ Development Module. This release supports only Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 32-bit as the development host.

DLP LightCrafter MBMC Parser Tool: This tool allows users to split input patterns into 1-bit depth sub-patterns for use with Multi-Bit depth, Multi-Color (MBMC) pattern sequences. For more information about using this tool or MBMC pattern sequences, please visit the DLP LightCrafter E2E forum.

DLP LightCrafter GUI Source Code: This software includes the source code files for the PC-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) for easy communication with DLP LightCrafter. The source files were developed using the QT Library (Windows, Mac, Linux) and the QT Creator.

Description Status Version Version Date Download
Sort Ascending  Sort Descending Sort Ascending  Sort Descending Sort Ascending  Sort Descending Sort Ascending  Sort Descending Sort Ascending  Sort Descending
  DLP LightCrafter Firmware and Software Bundle - Linux     Active     3.0     12/19/2013     Linux  
  DLP LightCrafter Firmware and Software Bundle - Mac     Active     3.0     12/18/2013     Mac  
  DLP LightCrafter Firmware and Software Bundle - Windows     Active     3.0     12/5/2013     Windows  
  DLP LightCrafter DM365 DVSDK     Active     5.0     12/18/2013     Linux  
  DLP LightCrafter MBMC Parser Tool     Active     1.0     5/10/2013     Windows  
  DLP LightCrafter EVM Reference Design     Active     2.0     10/09/2012     Windows  
  DLP LightCrafter DM365 DVSDK     NRND     4.0     8/26/2013     Linux  
  DLP LightCrafter GUI Source Code     NRND     4.0.1     7/19/2013     Windows  
  DLP LightCrafter Firmware and Software Bundle - Windows     NRND     2.0.1     6/14/2013     Windows  
  DLP LightCrafter Firmware and Software Bundle - Linux     NRND     2.0.1     6/14/2013     Linux  
  DLP LightCrafter Firmware and Software Bundle - Mac     NRND     2.0.1     6/14/2013     Mac  
  DLP LightCrafter MSP430 Source Code     NRND     1.0     1/10/2013     Windows  
  DLP LightCrafter Firmware and Software Bundle     NRND     1.1     11/08/2012     Windows  
  DLP LightCrafter Firmware and Software Bundle     NRND     1.0     1/23/2012     Windows  

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Technical Documents
Datasheet (1)
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PDF 1446 27 Oct 2014
Errata (2)
Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
PDF 27 23 Dec 2013 310
PDF 19 16 Aug 2012 317
Application Notes (3)
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PDF 714 05 Dec 2013 879
PDF 1376 29 Oct 2013 352
PDF 303 27 Aug 2013 429
User Guides (2)
Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views TI Recommends
PDF 3477 13 Nov 2014 3,944
PDF 171 04 Oct 2012 631
Selection Guides (1)
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PDF 3424 02 May 2013 1,981
White Papers (1)
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PDF 1076 14 Mar 2012 1,221

Software (1)

Name Part Number Software Type
DLPC300 Configuration and Support Firmware  DLPR300  Application Software & Frameworks 

Reference Designs (1)

Name Part Number Tool Type
DLP 0.3 WVGA Chipset Reference Design  DLP3000-C300REF  Reference Designs 

TI Devices (3)

Part Number Name Product Family
DLP3000  DLP 0.3 WVGA DMD  Advanced Light Control 
DLPC300  0.3 WVGA Digital Controller  Advanced Light Control 
TMS320DM365  DaVinci Digital Media Processor  ARM9 
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