Wireless Connectivity

Wireless Connectivity – Applications

Today with more users, things and cloud services connecting to the internet, the role of wireless connectivity is becoming increasingly important. At Texas Instruments (TI), we are committed to delivering a broad portfolio of wireless connectivity solutions which consume the lowest power and are the easiest to use. With TI innovation supporting your designs, you can share, monitor and manage data wirelessly for applications in home and building automation, factory automation, wearables, automotive and more.


Bring new efficiencies to your industrial design with the addition of wireless connectivity. TI solutions reduce the complexity of adding wireless connectivity to industrial applications. The addition of wireless connectivity can reduce cost and improve productivity through:

  •     Cable replacement
  •     Remote management and control of production systems
  •     Wireless data collection
  •     Redundancy for wired systems


End Equipment Featured TI Design Key Product
Lighting Control – Wireless Controls SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3200 Smart Plug CC3200


End Equipment Featured TI Design Key Product
Major Appliances SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3200 Smart Plug CC3200
WI-FI Power Strip/Energy  CC3200

Personal electronics

TI wireless connectivity solutions are elevating the user experience whether with streaming audio solutions that minimize sound delay, voice enabled remote controls or providing reliable data transmission to the cloud. Explore the TI wireless connectivity solutions that make these features possible.


As wireless connectivity in the car evolves, whether from device to car or in-car communication, consumer and automotive manufacturers alike will have new ways to enhance the driving experience. These solutions provide new ways to access a car and also enhance the infotainment experience, with integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth/BLE and GNSS. BLE connectivity solutions enable the ubiquitous user interface of the smartphone for car access, configuration and control in addition to cable replacement to reduce the overall weight of a car and more. 

Body electrics and lighting

End Equipment Featured TI Design Key Product
Security Systems - Passive Entry Passive Start (PEPS Fob) CC2541 Keyfob Reference Design  CC2541-Q1
Small motors - door Automotive Door Control Switch Reference Design 
Mirrors – Side Automotive Wireless External Mirror Control Reference Design 
Other Small Form Factor Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Reference Design